Reflecting On First Defeat

The Flaming Wodkas FC went down 1-3 away from home this Sunday morning, but sad-faced fans knew that two key injuries in midfield certainly hadn’t helped their cause. We caught up with some of the Wodkas’ staff back at the Sprezzatura Training Grounds in the early afternoon, to see what they had to say now that the match was over.

Kresal_Anasagasti Kresal Anasagasti, Wodkas’ Youth Academy Director and former original FWFC squad member, spoke about the experience that the young homegrowns would have gained, despite the result: “You’ve got huge talents like the goalkeeper, Leszek, who already have a lot of experience – but conceding three today is something he will have to square with himself. Let’s be honest, they had two penalties against him today also, but he didn’t let either one in and made some huge saves. Behind him, there are two young homegrown defenders too in Hendzlik and Kasperczak, who will both be feeling down after that result. They shouldn’t be. It’s all part of the learning curve and they’ll get plenty of clean-sheets between them yet.”

Roger_Japinha Regarding the impact of letting in three goals in the league, we spoke to goalkeeping coach Roger Japinha. Japinha only played 35 times in the Wodkas’ colours, but his potential as a coach did not go unmissed, and now he oversees the development of Pudelek and had this to say: “They home team had 13 shots on our goal, and yes we did concede three, but the goalkeeper kept ten away from our net. If there was one particular goal of the three I think he should reflect on, it would be the free-kick on 82 minutes. Yes, it was a delightful strike, but we’ll work on his positioning during training in the week. The first two goals were the fault of the defence, and there was nothing he could do for the second, while the first he almost got to with the shot dipping in below the bar. One thing is certain, there are many, many sides who wished they had a goalkeeper like Leszek between the sticks. He’s a strong lad and he won’t let this result affect him apart from making him a better shot-stopper.”

Aybars_Uysal Perhaps the most interesting insights came from experienced Federation stalwart Aybars Uysal. Uysal was best known for his performances while playing for legendary team AS Uijeongbu 07, before finally moving to Raszków to complete his career and eventually move in to his current assistant coach role.

“These results happen. They change nothing from a coach’s point of view, except for slight tweaking of team set-up and tactics, which is normal. The midfield suffered from the two injuries, but this is football. Our midfield is not the midfield we are planning for. As most neutrals can see, we are working on our wide players this season, so we expect some teams to capitalise on this when coming to us with bigger midfields. There’s only so much we can do if we lost key players, and this of course affects our ability to counter-attack when this happens.

I will say, it was good to see Hussain back from his recent injury. He did really well on the right wing helping to cause problems in conjunction with ‘Jupiter’ up front. I’ll take that as today’s plus point.”

Ariel_Paszkiewicz Academy Head Director, long-term Wodkas’ coach Ariel Paszkiewicz, said “I’ve already produced some key notes and will be planning a series of intense training sessions for the coming 14 days. I’ve been given clear instructions by Mr. Finozzi to ensure that the squad is as ready as possible for the game against Krosnianka on the 16th of December. Our medical staff are also flat-out trying to get key players rehabilitated in time, though we expect the cup and tournament fixtures between now and then to be very tricky as a result.”

Sami_The_Psycho_ArsalSadly, we weren’t able to interview the Wodkas’ other assistant coach, Sami ‘The Psycho’ Arsal, due to an after-match incident between him and the FC. 1 Sionsport right-back Aleks Kurda.

Allegedly, Sami pinned Kurda up against the wall and twisted various parts of his anatomy, following a vicious studs-first tackle on Jörg Rogers after 32 minutes, then slamming in to Arvind ‘The Boot’ Bhutia after 39 minutes causing both players to leave the field in pain.

“The home team’s Aleks Kurda got a Sami-special in the tunnel,” said Gjik ‘G-Class’ Dhimitri, who had come on for the injured Rogers and scored the Wodkas’ only goal. “Sami went nuts. I know he has a temper, but this was something else – the opposition player was howling like a scared baby and Sami was all over him. Three or four of the coaching staff had to pull ‘Psycho’ off Kurda, who was weeping curled up in the foetal position on the tunnel floor. Sami just kept shouting over and over again, “Next time I’ll feed them to ya! Next time I’ll feed them to ya!”

An announcement is expected regarding this alleged incident later in the week, following a review by the HTFA.