Add Player Pictures

How to add player pictures, kit pictures etc. to your blog.


Ok, I don’t ‘right-click’ and ‘copy’ pictures into my post. It doesn’t work. Player pictures don’t copy, for example I just get the hair or nose. Other images from the internet may look like they are ok in my post, but when I publish my post I don’t see them. So what do I do?

I have a simple graphics program (I use an old Paint Shop Pro 7, but you can find similar free programs on the web.) It’s nothing special. I use a key on my keyboard called ‘print screen’. This copies everything on my monitor, and then I paste it into my graphics program. So if I wan’t a picture of a
player, I load up the player page on my web browser, press ‘print screen’ on my keyboard, and then I go to my graphics program and ‘paste’. I now see a picture of my screen which I can edit. I use a tool which selects an area of the graphic I want to ‘cut out’. It’s usually called ‘select’ and looks like a small dotted shape. So I carefully select the image I want, for example a player picture.

I then copy and paste it as a ‘new image’. I don’t need the picture of the screen anymore. I just want the player picture, so I save the player picture to my desktop, or to a folder. Now that the player picture is saved on my computer, I can ‘upload’ it to my post. I go to my post on Hattrick United and I use the second small icon which you can find under the post title. It looks like a small 7-pointed sun. It is the ‘add media’ icon. I click on it and I use the ‘select file’ button. This helps me look for my player picture on my computer. Now all I need to do is upload it.

When the picture is uploaded, Hattrick blog should give you some information about the image, and at the bottom of this information you can decide how big you want the image to be, or if you want it to appear in your post on the left, centre or right. I choose what I want, and then I click the option ‘insert into post’.

Since writing this post, I have found uploading my player pictures to an independent site e.g. photobucket is a much more efficient way of getting graphics on your blog, as the file size limit on the blog is very restrictive. If you don’t want to have to delete images in your blog image library every time you run out of space, then use a site like the one I suggessted. Linking from photobucket to your blog is very simple. Just change the editing of your post to html from visual, and paste the html code of your image from photobucket. Returning to visual editing should show the image. :)

I hope, if you can understand these instructions, that you will never have a problem putting pictures on your blog again. Good luck!