Add Player Pictures

How to add player pictures, kit pictures etc. to your blog.

BoumannOk, I don’t ‘right-click’ and ‘copy’ pictures into my post. It doesn’t work. Player pictures don’t copy, for example I just get the hair or nose. Other images from the internet may look like they are ok in my post, but when I publish my post I don’t see them. So what do I do?

1 – I load up the player profile of the avatar I need. In the example to the left, I used the current coach of my HTI Team, NYC Peregrines;

2 – I press ‘print screen (prt sc)’ on my keyboard. This saves the current display in the memory of the computer.

3 – Having already loaded (or any other graphics program you wish to use), I switch to that program and ‘paste’ the image in the memory. You should now have a graphic of the screen grab, and your avatar in it;

4 – Cut out the avatar;

5 – Voila. You can now save this image.

Bonus: You can remove the blue background using various tools in graphics programs. In, I use the magic wand tool to select the blue (but I set the tolerance to somewhere between 50%-60%), and I delete the blue. This still leaves tiny blue pixels around the edge of your avatar at times, but using the color picker tool (pipette) I select this colour, then fill the empty space with that same colour. Now, using magic wand again but with tolerance set to between 20%-30%, I select the background and delete it, which should remove those annoying blue pixels. Now don’t get me wrong, at first you don’t think they matter – but you will see them when you paste your avatar onto a darker background, so that’s why I’m posting this advice.

Once you get confident with his process, you can begin to create images such as the ones below with only a little practise and patience!






I hope, if you can understand these instructions, that you will never have a problem putting pictures on your blog again. Good luck!