Blog Top Menu

Ok, first of all you need to understand that the easiest way to start a ‘cool menu’ at the top of your blog, is if you have some pages already on your blog. It doesn’t matter what the content of the pages is, it just helps if you have some, one even. Why? Because this is the easiest way for me to explain to you how to make a menu like the one at the top of my blog.

Before you go any further, remember that every page has its own ‘page attributes’. So, if you want a section in your menu all about your players, but you want each player to have their own page , then the parent page will be a page with a small introduction, and the individual player pages will be ‘linked’ to this parent page via the ‘page attributes’.

Ok. How to make this menu…

You first go to appearance, then choose menus.

Next, you see a new screen. You can give your menu a name, but it doesn’t matter what. You must do this.

Next, you should see somewhere a list of your saved page(s). You can click and drag them to your menu. You can even rearrange them once they are there by further clicking and dragging. You can mess around with this to see the effect it has on the ordering of your pages on the menu. There is even a box for you to add web addresses that will appear as links on your menu.

If you have your menu finished, you need to save it.

There is a small box called ‘top menu’. Choose the menu which is the menu you gave a name to, and save it.

You should now have a menu at the top of your blog. Of course, in addition to pages as links, you can use custom links to external sites and have these as links in your top menu also.

*You can make several menus, but the one you select here will be the one that appears on your blog, ok?*

Good luck!