Blog Wallpaper

How to add a nice wallpaper to your blog. (Topic taken from my previous club blog)

Ok. Obviously you first need to have a graphic you would like to use as your wallpaper. On my blog I created my wallpaper using the graphics program mentioned above. What I did was go to the Hattrick site and saved ‘their’ wallpaper, you know, the standard green hattrick background. I then made sure I had a saved copy of my club badge also. I loaded the hattrick background (it’s a small image that is repeated often to look nice) and I loaded my club badge into my program. All I did then was use some of the features of the graphics program to change everything green on the hattrick image to grey, and then I copied my badge onto the new ‘grey’ hattrick wallpaper.

At this point I should mention, that if you don’t know anything about using ‘layers’ in a graphics program then your badge will probably have a white or black background. If you know how to select this background and delete it, then paste your badge onto your nice wallpaper and merge the layers together, then you will probably have something which looks like mine. A club badge with a nice background.

You can easily design your wallpaper how you like, you don’t have to have a club badge at all. It could be anything. To save time, if you have a wallpaper image you would like to use, then all you have to do is tell your blog. Like I said above, images need to be uploaded from your computer. So what to do? It’s not that difficult.

Using the options on your blog dashboard, go to HUTD, then choose custom background! Here you will find options to upload your nice wallpaper, alter it’s size etc. Once its uploaded, you should see a preview of it too. Good luck!