The Twists & Turns of a President

This article could easily have been entitled, ‘The Lies of a False President’. Before explaining further, let us take a look back in time to set the context for this explosive article.

On February 18th, 2013, after another defeat in the league, the fourth in a row, the Italian coach of Los Mejores Fútbol Club, Christian Farroni, saw himself sitting in Los Mejores’ own Carmeli’s office. Carmeli as always was a true gentlemen, offered Farroni a drink and started to talk. The news wasn’t good for Mr. Farroni, as Carmeli told him the board was unsatisfied with the performance of the team in the league and warned him that if the team lost another game he could pack his things and go back to Italy.

Just over a month later, and with pressure mounting from the club owners, Mr. Farroni saw himself in charge of a team that would soon be playing a tiny minnow from the small village of Raszków in Poland. Nevertheless, the Wodkas had a lot of GL history behind them, so this game deserved to be built up. This is how the Mejores blog previewed the game (note the words in bold we have picked out for you):

The game that everyone has been waiting for has finally been arranged. Mejores and Wodkas will finally face each other in a thrilling Golden League game to solve all the polemics the 2 clubs were involved in the beginning of the season.

Wodkas have changed a lot since the war between the clubs exploded, they sold all the players involved in the case, changed their chairman, their logo, their kits and are planning to change their name, but don’t expect less competitiveness in the game. It is known by this blog that the Wodkas owner, Mr. L, has offered a huge cash prize to their players if they get at least one point against the Brazilian powerhouse. In the other side, Mejores wants to get all the points possible out of this game in order to secure as soon as possible their classification to the playoffs.

During the research to write this article, this blog has also discovered that the name change the Wodkas are planning is a desperate move by the club co-owner Mr. Black to fool the tax collectors and postpone the payment of the debts left by the last chairman, Mr. Bracké.

Strong words, strong words… and unfounded. It is well known throughout the Federation that the team originally known as The Wodkas have changed their names and kits like the wind changes direction, as such small clubs are prone to do when they are looking to find their niche. However, the tone of the article suggested a very low level of respect, and lots of insinuation aimed at the Polish team. We don’t know what research they were referring to, nor did they ever make this publicly available, but Mr. Bracké did not leave the club in debt and temporary owner Mr. Black nor any of the board at that time ever offer moneys to their players should they get ‘at least one point against the Brazilian powerhouse.’ A desperate attempt to placate the fans and direct anger at a foreign team should the result not go their way? What then, was the result of the game between the two teams?

3rd April, 2014 (Flaming Wodkas vs Los Mejores Fútbol Club, Golden League Season 3)

Wodkas 2
Los Mejores 0

A fascinating event happened just one week later, another past rival of Mr. Peroni, a man by the name of Valentino Giachello (once even involved in a diabolical plot involving the kidnapping of Mr. Peroni) applied to register The Lost Saxons football club in the Faroe Islands, following instruction by Lord Bebbington.

This is the article which broke on April 10th, 2013:

We are also delighted to be able to bring you a little news about this club that is currently undergoing legal, financial and bureaucratic checks before it is launched on the Faroese stock exchange at the start of May. Former (some would say traitor) Crazy Horses FC manager and (some would say betrayer) associate of Aldopaolo Peroni, the man known as Valentino Giachello (now having undergone something of an amazing transformation, rehabilitation and claiming to have ‘seen the light’) will be the man responsible for bringing the talents of the small islands to the HT map, and who knows… the Golden League Hall of Fame.

giachellothmbGiachello (here seen with his happy face… then again, there are very bitter and cold winds in the Faroe Islands and not a McDonalds restaurant in sight, so this may be his grumpy face) has begun the search for a team manager, assistant, reserve manager and assistant as well as a youth team director, coach and training staff.

Sources from the tiny isles state that Giachello may indeed turn to several former Crazy Horse FC players to fill these roles. Favourites include Haike van der Spek, Tom Bokbeck and Emil-Sven Gralath. More as we have it.

It seemed that all was well for chairman Lord Bebbington, and his board members. They’d remained dignified in the face of gossip and scandal, and even won the ‘fuelled’ encounter with Los Mejores by two goals to nil. Quite a turn-around considering they lost by a larger margin earlier in the GLS3 season. Perhaps then, with things going well for those in Raszków, it placed a magnifying glass on the stress being encountered by Mr. Farroni in Brazil. Remember his earlier meeting with Carmeli? It would be May, 2013, a few weeks after the defeat to The Wodkas, that Farroni would hand in his resignation:

May 12th, 2013

I’d like to formally present through this letter my resignation of the post of Mejores’ first team coach.

My last season as a coach showed me that it was time to leave. The club didn’t have the expected performance and it was a big deception to me. I don’t want to see this club suffer from my bad decisions.

It’s been 7 seasons since I stepped for the first time in this magnific club. In this period, I grew up as a footballer, as a coach and, mainly, as a man. I learned to love this club and all it means to the fans. And thanks to all this love, I realised it was time for me to quit, it’s time for the club to change it’s face, time for a new face take over.

Christian Farroni

Sadly, this move seemed to allow Mr. Farroni too much spare time on his hands, and his spat with Peroni and those in Raszków had most definitely not gone away. Strange accusations were also made throughout this period from those in Brazil, in the direction of tiny Raszków, mostly revolving around the ‘alleged’ disappearance of a Mr. Terry Leask (who later turned up). Other Federation owners were even dragged into this debacle, such as Hojris from Odense. The then President of the renamed Wodkas, now known as Raszków Revival, Mr. Peroni, reacted angrily.
On August 22nd, 2013, Peroni reacted to claims by MS Odense owner Hojris that he may be in some way knowledgeable about the situation concerning Londoner Tricolor coach, Terry Leask. In a brief statement, Mr. Peroni said:

“For somebody of his reputation to make unfounded comments about members of Federation clubs, especially considering the special relationship I had with him during my tenure there, is for me something difficult to swallow.

I truly hope that the Tricolor can contact Mr. Leask in the near future so that we can clear this matter up. We are also a little disappointed that the English club has not distanced itself from his comments. I personally expect some sort of clarification.”

When asked if he thought that this was a matter for GL President Ova Dunn, he would only say:

“Despite eradicating corruption under the reign of Mr. Dunn, I do not feel that the GL board are especially proactive in such matters. We will wait for Odense and Tricolor’s responses.”

This is important to our story, for The Londoner Tricolor was the ‘then’ sister club of Los Mejores Fútbol Club, and the GL Presidency was in the hands of Ova Dunn, formerly Pig Hunters, Oceania. Did Farroni already have his sights set on the GL Presidency, and the removal of Mr. Dunn?

January 5th, 2014, and this article broke in the Brazilian media:

During eight seasons he served Mejores. As a wing-back and as a coach he always gave his best to honor the club shirt, but now he wants more. Christian Farroni, a man of many qualities, has announced tonight his candidacy for the post of Golden League President on a press-conference held at The Tricolor’s stadium, Estádio das Laranjeiras. Farroni, 45, has the support of both his former club, Mejores and from the English team, currently leading GL5 (The Londoner Tricolor). We from the blogging team chose the most important points from the press-conference, which you can read above:

Why should people vote for you?
Well, since I retired from Mejores I started to invest in several companies around the world, which made me a quite rich man. With all my wealth I intend to buy some vot… er… I mean, to invest in Golden League, making it a bigger and better tournament. I intend to build the GL-Museum, the GL-Hotel, the GL-Fallen-Heroes-Memorial… I intend to make GL grow as a world known brand. I’ll make GL B-I-G!!!

The question that comes to my mind is why are you running instead of the current representant of Mejores in the GL-Council, Mr. Cruz Filho?
Let’s just say that the people who put him there weren’t happy with what he didn’t do in certain occasions, like on the ‘Rheino-case’ with the Wodkas-Revival-Whatever-they-call-themselves-now

Some people say that Mr. Peroni has already won the elections and that the other candidates are running only as a formality. What can you say about your opponent?
I can’t say much without getting my own life in risk, right? (He laughs) Just kidding guys. Peroni is a powerful opponent, but I can say that he isn’t the man he used to be anymore. Soon you’ll find out something about him that will show you this.

What will you do differently from current GL-president, Mr. Dunn?
To start, I’ll show up in the office everyday. It seems like didn’t do much of this, am I right?

Clearly, Farroni was not afraid to show that he had little love for Peroni, and perhaps as little love for Mr. Dunn. Some shocking statements there, and intriguingly a lot of vagueness concerning the companies that Farroni invested in around the world.

A month later, as the election campaign continued, and a poll appeared on GL-TV Brazil:

A research made by GL-TV Brazil alongside HU-Press among those who are going to vote in the upcoming GL elections have shown a good fight between Farroni and Peroni, with a small advantage to the Italian ex-coach. Here are the results:


Farroni, who had posted on a social network what seems to be his concept for a new GL logo earlier this week, didn’t want to comment on the research, though, those closer to him asy his really confident about his chances.

Golden League Mock Logo By Farroni

Some notorious players and GL personalties have shown their publical support for Farroni candidacy, such as Ali “Pharaoh” Haj-Najjar, Sartaj Khan, Silvano Nogueira, Fernão Torres, Solomon “Warrior” Tarawaly, Terry Leask, Sophia Peroni and many others.

Look at the list of names – mostly ex-Los Mejores. One notable exception, Sophia Peroni. More about her later, but the election did not go as GL-TV Brazil was suggesting, with Mr. Peroni winning the vote and being brought in as new Golden League President shortly afterwards. Farroni was not particularly satisfied with this result, though we cannot print his reaction it was ‘allegedly’ so obscene.

Now, our story develops on October 28, 2014 as Mr. Peroni stepped down as President of Revival as it was becoming increasingly clear he could not combine his two roles as GL President and Club President as effectively as he wished to (deciding to concentrate on GL matters), and was replaced by Wodkas legend Tato Kiknavelidze. This was a very popular appointment by Revival and neutral fans alike. Mr. Peroni took a break from football at this point, and wouldn’t return until April of the following year, when he made his appearance at a home game following this absence. He would later become more involved with the club again, as you will see below.

Kiknavelidze remained Club President until September 4th, 2016 when he was offered the opportunity to become development Tsar at the sister club, The Lost Saxons, the same club that Valentino Giachello had registered successfully with the HT authorities a few years before. Taking up this appointment, Sami Arsal took on the role of temporary Club President in Raszków, with a strong board of advisors around him. Following 6 or 7 months of temporary Presidency, Aldopaolo Peroni once again took over the reigns of the club due to his vast experience, allowing Sami to move back into coaching – his first love after playing football. This was on April 22nd, 2017.

The feud with Farroni sadly never really went away, and over the next 3 years perhaps Mr. Farroni was simply biding his time. As Mr. Peroni stepped down from his role of GL President in mid-2017, who would be there to ‘claim’ the title for himself? What do you, dear reader, make of the way that the GL Presidency changed hands? Read on and judge for yourselves (again, read carefully the elements in bold, as they paint a very clear picture of a man who perhaps isn’t entitled to be in the role he currently occupies:

July 2, 2017

GL-TV Brazil has learned this week that former Mejores coach Christian Farroni has been confirmed as the new GL Council President in a secret vote held by its members over the past weekend.

christian farroni
Farroni was already running things for a few months, following former president Perroni’s resignation, but the confirmation will certainly help him consolidate his power. He’s said to have won the vote without opposition, though representatives of FC Rünenberg and Clan Phoenix , who were said to be his main antagonists, were mysteriously absent.

Farroni who had a stellar career as a player and then as a manager retired into Mejores’ hall of fame when he was 43 and has been involved in a number of business ventures ever since, having seen his net worth sky rocket to about 10 times what it was when he initially ended his career. He’s been involved mostly with the beverage industry, but he also owns a hotel chain and is said to have ties with media groups in the United Kingdom.

Farroni’s involvement with the beverage industry certainly paid off, as he made an announcement to the press in July, 2017:

Former Mejores’ coach Christian Farroni has called for a press conference at the GL Headquarters in Odense. He’s expected to announce his confirmation as the new GL President and to adress the Rochdale-Saxons feud among other situations. We’ll be providing live coverage as events unfold.


Good evening ladies and gentlemen. As you may recall, a few months ago Mr. Peroni resigned the GL presidency to go back to Poland. When he left, decisions were left unmade and someone needed to step up and fill up his place. As an experienced businessman, I decided that I was the most capable man for the job and have been doing it ever since. However, some people thought I didn’t have the right to do a job I wasn’t elected for. Well, the reason I’ve called this press conference is to announce that following a closed election, held last week, with the members of the GL Council, I’ve been elected the new GL President. It was an unanimous decision and I’m very much looking forward to what comes next. I’ll be answering some questions now.

The first question comes from experienced reporter Piepaolo Scavo: Mr. Farroni, there’s been clamour from The Lost Saxons part for a GL intervention following Mr Mayhem’s comments regarding their rivalry. What’s your stance on the case?

I’m glad you asked. As it is, I can assure you that we’ve looked into Mayhem’s accusations and found no wrong-doing from the Saxons part. However, we have received an anonymous tip that Rochdale has put up a bounty for whoever injuries Saxons’ star Martin Frain and that is not something we will tolerate. We’ll be taking a further look into it, but I can announce that we’ll be suspending Mr. Nélson Faria from any GL related position for the near future.

Tommy Linden, Rochdale United Press: Mr Farroni, your entry into the presidential hot-seat is rumoured to be dodgy and underhanded, especially considering you came dead last in a three horse race in the last election. What would you like to say to all those that doubt your integrity, and your ‘right’ to hold such a position?

You want to talk about an election, talk about these results: no member of the council voted against me. Now, you may say I wasn’t elected by the people, like Peroni, but the popular vote is overrated. I was elected by the finest and most involved people in the GL, the ones that know what needs to be done, the ones that know I’m the one to move the GL forward.

And please! Don’t you talk about my integrity, when we all know the kind of man your club wanted in this seat…

Efraín Sepúlveda, GL-TV Brasil: Following up on my colleagues question: Some people were surprised by the absence of representatives of FC Rünenberg and Clan Phoenix, who were among your most vocal opposition, in the vote. Some even suggest that you have a hand on their sudden disappearance. Don’t you think it’s an odd situation?

When you’re in a position like mine you have to accept not everyone will be happy with you. But as I have only the GL’s best interest at hearth, I sat down with them and to solve our differences I sent them to a night with the fishes. Unfortunately, they haven’t returned so far.

The next question comes from a Polish reporter: Mr. Farroni, let me first congratulate you on your succession to the Presidency of the Golden League, in this prestigious tenth season. I know many people will be pleased to see strong leadership at the helm of the GL ship, and that it is in safe hands. Already, you have shown that you will not stand for any sort of underhand business and we can’t quite believe that Mr. Mayhem is here on your blog casting doubts and shadows against your name. However, back to topic – our question for you, would be to ask if you have any burning issues that need resolving regarding the Golden League e.g. existing format, sponsorship, awards, HTU Masters etc?

Thank you, it’s great to see not everyone here is a pawn for the opposition. We have big projects in mind for the tenth anniversary. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be indeed launching the Golden B, GL’s official beer. We’ve also signed a new multi-million sponsorship deal with Sophia Peroni’s Big Star Brand to provide us with official match balls and licensed merchandising. We’re working on bringing back the GL MVP award and possibly adding new awards for the future. As to the format, we’re currently satisfied with what we’ve got, but we’re open to any ideas and we’ll be consulting the public soon.

Efraín Sepúlveda requests to talk again. I’m sorry, but going back to my last question: Did you say you your opponents are sleeping with the fishes? Isn’t that the way the mafia talks about the people they’ve killed?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to insinuate here. Are you saying I’m a mafioso just because I’m italian? That’s offensive, you know?

Efraín again: Not at all, Mr. Farroni. I’m just saying, there are rumors flying around about your business practices. Rumors that make Al Peroni look like a mere high school bully. I think what I’m trying to say is that the public wants some clarity regarding your practices.

*At this moment Farroni covers the microphones with his hands and talks to someone back stage.*

I see… Well, unfortunately, we’ve run out of time. But Mr Sepúlveda, please, you’re welcome to visit my business at any time, just be wary, as accidents may happen

*Farroni stands up and leaves as the press is left with many unanswered questions*

Did Farroni admit to having a hand in the disappearance of key Federation representatives, even dare we say, having them killed? Farroni has long been linked to the Italian Mafia, though none of this has yet been proven. Could the self-proclaimed GL President actually be admitting something here? And we don’t use the words ‘self-proclaimed’ lightly either – nobody has yet been able to find out who was involved in the ‘behind closed doors’ secret GL election vote. Scandalous!

Now, we said we would return to the matter of Sophia Peroni, who although related to Aldopaolo Peroni, was also married to the aforementioned Terry Leask (who disappeared, but didn’t actually, remember? A mere publicity stunt we believe to distract from Farroni’s troubles in Brazil.) Then this broke:

BS Brand to Sponsor the Golden League

The Golden League is happy to announce it has concluded a multimillion-dollar deal that will see Big Star Brand become it’s main sponsor for the next 6 seasons. The deal was negotiated by GL’s President, Mr. Christian Farroni, and BS Brand majority shareholder, Mrs. Sophia Peroni-Leask, who is hoping her brand will expand even more following the deal:

When Mr. Farroni reached me, I couldn’t say no to the opportunity. We had been growing very rapidly since we closed deals with some of the GL’s biggest stars, so this next step was the logical thing to do. It’ll help us consolidate the brand and expand even further.

President Farroni also celebrated the deal;

We weren’t happy with our previous deal with Nuke and as the cunning businessman I am, I managed to make a better and bigger deal. The BS Brand will improve the quality of the game with their inovative tecnologies and will provide the fans with the best products in the market. And then, there’s Sophia… hehehe

The terms of the deal establish that the new sponsor will provide the Golden League with official match balls as well as kits for the match officials and other accessories. The BS Brand will also introduce a new line of Golden League licensed products, which should be available in stores soon.

This deal is the first showing of President’s Farroni intent on keeping his promise of making the Golden League a dominant force also on the commercial side, which had been one of the let downs of the Peroni administration. A businessman himself, Farroni is expected to look for more deals in the future.

Quite simply, we believe that the credibility of the Golden League and the GL President must come under scrutiny, and perhaps be brought to account sooner, rather than later. We have more ground-breaking evidence to bring you in the very near future, including an interview with Norberto Malavas, referee of the Los Mejores vs Super Troopers FC match from the GL3 season, involving some startling claims involving Farroni and bribery. We will also speak to representatives of Nuke Merchandising, and get the official reaction from the man who seems to be at the centre of Farroni’s Fury, Mr. Aldopaolo Peroni.

This story is only just breaking, and we think there is a certain Italian who will be very worried, and very busy making ‘phone calls’ upon reading this article. We will keep bringing you amazing revelations, right up until the 18th February, 2018, when we reveal to the world what ‘really’ happened in the dark, murky and scary world of Mr. C. Farroni, GL President.


Article by: Alin Badiu, HU Press