‘No Mercia’ say ‘No Mercy!’

The protest by fans of The Lost Saxons continues today, 23rd February, in its 3rd day in a row. The protest started outside the Á Nesi Academy training grounds, but today moved to outside The Burial Ground stadium, as chants against Chairman Lord Bebbington continued, and placards protesting his ‘over-seeing’ of the club continued to be seen all over.


The club had earlier released this statement:

We understand the fans frustrations. We are in negotiations with several players. We ask for patience.

Fans’ frustrations reached boiling point with the recent sale of Martin ‘Runaway Train’ Frain to English rivals Retro All-Stars for a fee above £8.5 million – a club record and huge transfer fee that week across all leagues. This had added insult to injury following high profile sales of homegrown heroes such as John Rouger, and followed up by the final straw on the camel’s back Kieran ‘The Wizard’ Marlin.

Things are certainly moving behind the scenes, though whether in the right direction or not remains to be seen, as youngsters were purchased over the past 2 days to become a new crop of midfield trainees. At the same time, more experienced and talented English players were signed or negotiations begun with, in order to boost other sectors of the field.

Of the three youngsters signed (Leonard King, Danny Kennedy and Bert Parnell) it seems like Leonard ‘The Lion’ King may be the likeliest of the three to retain a long-term future at the club, while Tom ‘Cup Cake’ Biddle oversees the development of up-and-coming talents in the Á Nesi Academy such as Tim Frear, Solomon Clarke, Frank Taylor, Jason Pike, Uriah Gore and Martin Joyce.

Have the Saxons spent the money from their recent big sales wisely? Certainly not in the first instance, as almost as soon as they’d purchased a team that went straight out and punched a big hole in FC Runenberg in their first GL match, were listed themselves!

It’s all part of the manager’s and board’s strategy, and we are loathe to reveal more right now as it would reveal too many details as to the longer-term plan for success we have created behind closed doors. As we iterated in an earlier statement, we ask for patience from the fans and all we desire is to create success both on and off the pitch.”

This was the reply from the PR spokesperson when we contacted the club earlier today on this matter.

Nevertheless, fans still surround The Burial Ground, and songs protesting against the Chairman are still being heard… with a league game against Rochdale United at the weekend looking like it could compound the club’s issues even further, it doesn’t look like the club will have appeased the supporters anytime soon – but they must do in quick time or risk a mass walkout. As yet, we have no official statement from the club chairman himself, but we’ll post it here as soon as we here anything from Lord B.