GL-TV Covering Saxons Rebuild – Almost Live!

GL-TV: Alin Badiu & Ernst-Jan Bracké
Reporting Live [Despite Problems With Power Supply]

Alin: Bon soir, mes amis! Bon soir! We are ‘aving a little problem with our power, az it is only at 30 to 40% efficiency right now… a bit like most managers long-term plans, eh Ernst-Jan? Non?

Ernst-Jan: Thank you Alin, yes we are having a few issues with the power supply right now, but it won’t stop us. We’re focusing in on the Saxons rebuild that has begun in England, a club that has had huge problems in ‘getting it right’ since they sold their megastar Martin Frain to English rivals.

Alin: A huge mistake.

Ernst-Jan: Many have said so, but Saxons must move on. In particular, coach á Nesi remains confident that deals will be done in the next 24 to 48 hours. Last night, Saxons revealed the purchase of young Dennis Barkely, from Amy’s Aggressors for a fee just beneath £500,000. I think he will be a good signing.

Alin: Yes, a big move for a young lad, but not much competition right now – that could change in the next few hours according to my sources.

Ernst-Jan: What have you heard, Alin?

Alin: *Shrugs his shoulders* I do not know, if I can say.

Ernst-Jan: *Blinks* Erm, Alin, you’re a GL-TV journalist – it’s your duty?

Alin: *Stares nonplussed*

Ernst-Jan: *Waits*

Alin: Hmph. Well, I ‘av heard that their are representatives from Saxons’ board in Tehran.

Ernst-Jan: *Splurts his water out, having just tried to take a drink off camera* I’m sorry, Alin. Did you say Tehran?

Alin: Oui.

Ernst-Jan: And?

Alin: *Shugs his shoulders* This iz what I have heard.

Ernst-Jan: Well… *pauses* quite a… I don’t want to say bombshell, but I can’t think of a better phrase right now. Any clues as to who they might be trying to sign?

Alin: Oui. ‘Iz name is Pat Dathorne, and he is so-so player who can sometimes be a catalyst for those around him. I have seen some clips of him playing, but I do not think he iz anything special. Not like us, Ernst-Jan, not like us.

Ernst-Jan: Interesting…

Alin: Oui. And what iz more, I have heard that there are more representatives of the club travelling up to Lancashire, in particular to Kragspire Raiders. There iz a bit of a sale on there right now, and I have heard that Lord Bebbington az sanctioned the purchase of three Raiders players. I think though, that ‘e will have a bit of a battle from foreign interests.

Ernst-Jan: Well, we’ll be keeping a close eye on all the developments here in this almost-live post – so don’t forget to come back shortly… hopefully we’ll have the power back on 100% by then. In other news, Pond Street Nora sit top of the Golden League before tonight’s games, just ahead of their sister club and we hope to bring you an analysis of two of the top scorers in GLXI right now, Fraser Ballantyne and Joel Chambers. Be back soon!