Golden League

United make another assault on the Golden League this season, the holy grail of club football has been elusive thus far, with United stumbling in a previous final being their best chance so far. This season United have started poorly, two GL matches, two losses, certainly not what the fans were hoping for, but there is time yet to qualify for the Masters, and time to top the qualifying group. Last season Jazz surprised many in topping the GL group, and Mr Mayhem was in high spirits when asked if his side could emulate the Jazz.

“We have the talent, and some of the best players in the federation. Charlieboy is a perfect example of the quality of the squad, he is now considered an elder statesman in the fed, yet he remains the best keeper around, and he is aiming to win the GL before retirement. We can surpass the Jazz’s achievements, and give the Masters an English winner worthy to hold the title.”

United are having a rocky season in the league, but we’ve seen it before where they do better in the GL when the league is rocky. Does this mean they have what it takes to go all the way? United are a team in transition, multiple purchases, radical change of direction, and a focus on training strikers. The side is still gelling, and results have been a bit hit and miss, but each week the side is growing in confidence.

If we compare today’s United to the side that reached the final against X-Team, which is the better side? Many would claim the current squad pales in significance compared to past teams, yet despite this, Mr Mayhem remains clearly optimistic of his side’s chances. If he can get his side to gel, then he may prove everyone wrong, but claiming they can win the Masters may be to big a claim at this point.

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