Mayhem cranks up rivalry

TLindenDales Roving Reporter

Mr Mayhem today was overheard talking about Lord Bebbington and his lost Saxons in a supposedly secret meeting. He has been quoted as saying the Saxons have been lucky this season, riding on a crest of good will and misguided fanaticism. He’s reported as claiming not a single player from the Saxons side would get a game in the United lineup due to their sheer incompetence, and inability to put on a shirt, nevermind kick a ball.

Looking at the table however, Saxons sit top of the league by a single point over United, so you may wonder why Mr Mayhem would say this, our sources state that Mr Mayhem had put that down to bribes with the referee and opposition, and that had they been playing fairly the Saxons would be ‘lost’ at the bottom of the table.

Frustrated Mayhem

It’s thought that Mr Mayhem intends to lodge a complaint to the HFA, in the hopes of them launching an immediate investigation.

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