The Lost Saxons – Rochdale United

Somewhere between what many see as a war and players say is just another game, somewhere between a classic and a dud, somewhere between a non-international becoming massive organically and the Golden League Council planning draws to make sure this cash cow is flogged at every opportunity, lies the hard-to-define, often mundane but sometimes magical Lost Saxons-Rochdale United rivalry, which renews itself on sunday, in Week 12 of series V.171. It is being billed as the biggest match of the season for both these sides.

This rivalry is only in it’s infancy, with the sides only meeting five time’s previously, with Dale claiming three victories to Saxons one victory, and the fifth, and most recent match resulting in a draw.

However, the past few weeks have shown that there will be no love lost by both teams as they hunt for the four pointer, after drawing 2-2 earlier in the season. Since then, accusations and allegations have been flung backwards and forwards, between the two managers, to a point where the Golden League Council felt the need to appoint a new President, in an effort to manage the situation. As matchday approaches, extra security has been drafted in from neighbouring towns and cities in the hopes of avoiding a full on mass brawl.

This match, if the actions of the managers is anything to go by, will be a brutal affair, crunching ankles, and bruised bones, however there is hope yet. There is a small chance, but a chance none-the-less, that the players will ignore whats happening off the pitch and focus on the beautiful game we know and love. Now wouldn’t that be a turn-up for the books!

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