Post match Saxons win

What a sorry state of affairs that was, a 3-0 humbling at the hands of promotion rivals The Lost Saxons ensured that Dales hands were well and truly removed from the series V trophy for another season. If truth be told, the side just didn’t look strong enough to beat or even draw with the Saxons, and by half time the damage was done.

Dale set out in a 5-2-3 Doughnut formation, sacrificing midfield in the hope of catching the Saxons on the counter, but Dale never looked like threatening the Saxon backline as the Saxons dominated play from the start. The first 20 minutes were quiet, with the Saxons happy to hold the ball, but never really threatening goal, but then a flurry of opportunities came, and in the remaining 25 minutes of the half, took three of them. Dale amassed a measly one shot in the first half, which turned out to be their only shot of the match.

The referee called the end of the first half, and Mr Mayhem stormed off to the changing room, you could almost see the steam coming from his ears. Today was not the day to be a Dale player, Mr Mayhem could be heard ranting and raving at his side, despite the door being closed, and numerous crashes and bangs coming from the changing room. I almost feel sorry for the players, but as a fan myself the performance was dreadful and wished it had been me in there dishing out the abuse.

As the sides returned for the second half the away section were booing and jeering Dale. As the players took their places once more it was noted that Mr Mayhem hadn’t returned to the dugout, but can you blame him, with the performance on the pitch in the first half, who would want to stay and watch the second half, and I’m sure many a Dale supporter was already planning their route home across Manchester.

The second half played out pretty similar to the first, though Dale did appear more motivated to break down the Saxon attack, they couldn’t do anything to hurt them. Defensively, Dales second half performance was much improved, however the three strikers were nowhere to be seen, and future England U20 player Zahren may as well retire now, not touching the ball once.

This match wasn’t for the neutral, the shocking display from Dale meant the Saxons never needed to get out of third gear. But then, who can blame them. Whilst the Doughnut formation may have surprised them, the abject performance to go with it must have surprised them more, and they must have surely expected a stronger side than what they were faced with.

Dale’s two new midfielders were considered un-needed for this match, but perhaps Mr Mayhem will wish now he had played them, as the players on the pitch hadn’t bothered.

Mr Mayhem made a short and brief statement:

“If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out.”

I feel that sums up well the feeling of the fans. Rumour has it that Mr Mayhem is going to complete a major overhaul of the squad at the end of the season, as this side has floundered for far to long now. After this match, I’m sure many fans will welcome this news.

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