Mr Mayhem is never far from controversy, investigation’s into his statements regarding Lord Bebbington and his Lost Saxons amongst others have heightened the attention on Dale, and not necessarily for the best of reasons. It now seems that Mr Mayhem is at it again, making comments about MSO’s Goalkeeper, Paulo Baggio.

In a somewhat unexpected move Mr Mayhem has accused  Baggio of failing to perform when it matters most, reflecting on MSO’s record against Dale, of 4 wins, 1 draw and 10 losses. This statement has taken many by surprise, considering Mr Mayhem was in the chase for his signature before he eventually signed for MSO for the 3rd time. Mr Mayhem feels that the fact he has left the side so many times, suggests he isn’t  a really committed to the side  and is only interested in the cash!

He also pointed out that if Baggio was truly the best, surely he would have performed much better, considering that in the 6 games he has featured in against Dale, he has conceded 20 goals.

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