Title race over

Dale will once again miss out on top spot, this time to Cronies fc. The failings of the side is starting to become habit for the Manchester club, as they once more finish in second place. Dale have improved in front of goal this season, but defensively they haven’t seemed quite as strong, if Mr Mayhem can tighten the defence and keep the goals coming, next season could prove to be the season Dale finally return to series IV.

Dales final match of the season sees them face the new champions Cronies fc, Cronies will be looking for auto promotion, but a Dale victory could spoil their party, and potentially lead to them needing a playoff. Dale will also want to finish the season on a high.

Mr Mayhem refuses to be drawn on the subject of transfers, stating that he is always looking for better players, and if the right prospect appears they will make moves.

There is a situation developing at Dale regarding the players however, that Mr Mayhem refuses to comment on, the ageing Charlie Boy, is almost 39 now, and its only a matter of time before he retires. Are Dale covered if rumours are true, and he retires at the end of the season? They do have one other keeper, Amaireh, who at 28 has proved to be a decent replacement, but after him, Dale dont have any senior squad keepers. Should Charlieboy retire, and Amaireh get injured or banned, they have no cover at all.

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