Charlie Boy Announces Retirement!

Breaking News today, as we reveal that Charlie Boy has announced his retirement!

Charles ‘Charlie Boy’ Colbourne, is a legend at United and it’s hard to remember a time that Charlie wasnt in the squad. A product of the Youth System, he was signed up at 15, before joining the senior squad at 17. He made an England U20 appearance and was voted HTUM Goalkeeper of the season five times S49-53 and S56.

As Charlie Boy passes his 39th birthday, he has assessed his future at the club and his ability to continue at this level. He now feels that he wants to go out at the top of his game, he doesnt wish to become a bit part in the club. With 440 matches already under his belt, he holds the club appearance record, which will likely not be beaten for a long time yet.

The catch, and Yes there is a catch… Charlie Boy isn’t retiring until the end of Season 68, so yes, one more season for Charlie Boy to extend his appearance record, one more season for Mr Mayhem to find a replacement keeper, and One more season to win Silverware.

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