Springfield park

Springfield Park
England, Greater Manchester, Rochdale

Stadium Belongs to: Rochdale United

Total capacity: 76 000
Terraces: 40 000
Basic seating: 18 500
Seats under roof: 15 000
Seats in VIP boxes: 2 500

Springfield Park has always been a special place as it was one of the few grounds where the stands envelop the corners. Although more stadiums are now also totally enclosed, Springfield Park’s sheer size still makes it a bewildering sight. It has been steadily expanded over the last 10 seasons, raising its capacity to a staggering 76,000, making it one of the largest Club grounds in the lower tier of Hattrick Football. Both ends, which look almost identical, are large two tiered stands. Each are quite steep, with a large lower tier and smaller upper tier. The three tiered North Stand, has 25,500 seats. The corners to each side of this stand are also filled with seating and extend around to meet both ends. These re-developed stands dwarf the older Main (South) Stand opposite. This stand is multi tiered, with a television gantry suspended below its roof. All the stands have a row of executive boxes at the back of the lower tier.

Unusual aspects of the ground include the raised pitch, and that the teams enter the field from the corner of the North Stand. Outside the Stadium, consists a main Entrance to the front that is fronted with Blue tinted Glass, and two towers, reminisent of the Old Wembley Towers in design.

Away supporters are normally located in one corner of the ground, taking up part of the East and North Stands. The view from the away sections are excellent and up to 3,000 away supporters can be accommodated. Entrance into the stadium is gained by first being searched by a steward and then placing your ticket into an electronic bar code reader. There are enough food and drinks outlets that the queues never seem to get too long. These sell a range of pies; Meat & Potato, Steak, Chicken & Mushroom (all £3.80) The Club also offer a ‘United’ Pie (£3.80), which is a Chicken Curry Pie. Other refreshments on offer include; Cheese & Onion Pasties (£3.50), Foot long Sausage Rolls (£4) and Rollover Hot Dogs (£4.40). At the far end of the concourse is a large flat screen television showing Sky Sports.

The away fans section is set back from the pitch as there is a disabled area to its front. The leg room between rows is plentiful, as well as the space between the seats themselves.

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