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Rosemeadow have kicked off the new season with 3 wins from 3 and are looking much better than last season.

“18 goals scored, 1 conceded, not much more you can ask for. But having played 2 bots and barely snatched victory from last seasons 6th placed finishers I’m not getting ahead of myself. Our next 2 games will be key driver to our season” – G.M.

Rosemeadow now face newly relegated Dodge FC, who will no doubt test Rosemeadow defences with their strong attack. A cup game against a V side with a strong midfield will also test Rosemeadow’s ability to gain points from tough opponents.

2 losses and brace yourselves for a repeat, 2 wins and things shouldn’t be as much of a struggle this time around.

Dandy and Morehu have already impressed with 4 goals each already this season in just 2 appearances. Morehu not only got off the mark with his first career goal, but bagged 4 in the one game.

When It Rains It pours

In other news, the Campbelltown Cobras have made it to the knock-out stage of the GMC youth cup after topping their group. Now with a game kicking off very soon against Slavia Bragg.  We wish all the Cobras good luck and hope some of them will soon grace the Royal family as so many have recently.

Group 1

Team Pl W D L GF GA +/- Pts
Campbelltown 10 8 0 2 26 10 16 24
FIYCA 10 7 2 1 35 11 24 23
Mini Mistfits 10 4 2 4 28 28 0 14
Small Minds 10 4 1 5 18 21 -3 13
Tweety Pies 10 2 1 7 17 38 -21 7
Djimis Jnrs 10 2 0 8 19 35 -16 6

I Will Survive

Rosemeadow have ensured another season of 4th division football with a 3-0 win in their play-off match today.

“The result was never in doubt. 3 first half goals wrapped it up for us. Its a real shame both Krilich and Piper got injured but we will take that on the chin. With 2 weeks rest until next season everything should be fine.” – G.M.

In other news Pig Hunters have made it out of V.95 after 7 gruelling seasons. Good to see Rosemeadow’s former rivals escape the V.95 trap.

As for the Awards this season. Helling receives the Golden Boot with 8 goals, 1 ahead of Daniel Krilich. A quite terrible campaign for goal scorers.

Youngster of the year goes to Morgan Ouyang. The now 20 year old who was promoted last season, managed to score 4 goals (incl. a hattrick) despite being a central defender. Cudos.

The MVP for this season is bar far and wide, Daniel Krilich. The Royal born Midfielder was not only 2nd top goal scorer, but also man of the match in 18 of his 21 appearances.

This is the first season in some time where safety was an issue. The Royals fans were unhappy about it and showed it, with more than 40 members leaving the fan club over the course of the season. However the late season turn around change some attitudes and Rosemeadow fans are once again, sending their love poems and support to Robert_SWS.

We’re Staying Up!


Cup Magic

The Rosemeadow Royals defied the odds by making it the farthest they ever have in a cup competition. The 6th round, with a close 2-1 win over fellow IV team, Jungle Magic.

“It’s great that this squad has continued to rally together and make history. Too bad about the league. But the cup is going brilliantly. In to the last 256. Not bad. Half way to the final.” – G.M.

Round 6 of 13. Not Bad.

Duglio’s 21st minute goal was quickly cancelled out by Magic’s Enrique Gallardo in the 25th minute. Helling grabbed the winning goal in the 73rd minute, with yet another good counter-attack down the left.

Rosemeadow now face another IV opponent, the Bryndwr Bulls from South NZ. There is also other great cup news, with Pig Hunters also making it to the 6th round for the first time. In a twist of fate, their next opponent is the Premier League team that knocked out fellow V.95’er Menai Spurs in the 5th round. Will they get revenge for V.95, or will Kal’s Krew finish off V.95 representation in the cup this season?

V.95 flag flying high with Pig Hunters still in the cup. Also former V.95 teams, Rosemeadow, Happy Scrappy and NK Damage are all still fighting…

Rosemeadow now focus on the next game at hand which is a home game against league new comers and joint leaders Les Murray’s Allstars and who were until last weekend, on a 20 game winning streak. They are still undefeated in the league and look to take to the title in their first season here, much like Rosemeadow did last time out.

In youth news, The Cobras have once again fallen short on the penultimate day of the GMC Youth Premier League season. Losing a tough game, 3-2 to now crowned champions Chute Colts. The Cobras once again dejetedly collect their silver medals for the 2nd season in a row.


Midfield Is King

Rosemeadow’s G.M. is discovering just how midfield-heavy this game really is, with questionable results occuring recently. Most recently, their penalty win in the 4th round of the cup after a 2-2 draw.

“Look at the stats. Just look at them. Our weekend draw, this penalty shoot-out. It’s horse crap. We had the clear win in terms of attack v defence and gave up midfield to favour counters. Too bad that doesn’t mean much in this game. Seriously, we played against 10-men for most the game. Ridiculous it went to penalties.” – G.M.

Clarence Helling played a major role in Rosemeadow’s cup survival. Not only did he score their first goal, but also took the final match winning penalty. It was certainly an interesting shootout, with it ending just 2-1 with both keepers and teams having their fair share of “moments”.

Needless to say, although Rosemeadow are not getting the results they think they deserve, there is still no doubt that they did the right thing by selling Sommarlund and Varcoe. Why?

Rosemeadow’s fortnightly takings are over AU$1,000,000. Something the club hasn’t seen in years. Expect some real investment in the team in a season or 2.

Wenger Approves Of Rosemeadow's Policy

In others news, Rosemeadow have drawn fellow IV team Jungle Magic. Surprised not to have the home field advantage, but you can credit that to Rosemeadow’s league win last season. In a stroke of fate, Anfield Revolution will face their league mates Arms and Legs in the round 5 cup clash and not only that, they also play each other in the very next league match following that cup game. An interesting draw.

Rosemeadow are also looking to buy more trainees. With bids being placed on a number of 17 year olds. Although primarily targeting Oceanians, rumour has it Rosemeadow’s G.M. is also looking at players from “weak” U.20 squads in order to help them out and also get the satisfaction of an U/20 capped player.

Campbelltown Cobras have a massive game coming up. Once again they are fighting for the GMC Youth Premier League title. Currently sitting 2nd, 2 points behind Chute Colts, the Cobras play the Colts tomorrow in the penultimate game of the season.


Not Great But I will Take It

The first games of the new league season are very revealing for how a team did during the off-season. Rosemeadow’s 1-0 loss at the weekend left them flailing in 7th, however there are positives the manager chooses to draw upon.

“I think it was a really unlucky win. A so-so penalty call an the ref gives the points away. With Helling going off early of course our attack is going to suffer. I think fully fit, no injuries, that game was ours to win. Simple.” – G.M.

Despite selling the big names of Varcoe and Sommarlund just before the season start, Rosemeadow look strong enough to survive in what it now ranked the toughest league in IV. Rosemeadow know all about tough leagues, having come from V.95, the league that for the past 10 seasons has been ranked number 1 for 7 of them.

Hattrick Hero Morgan Ouyang

Rosemeadow also made short work of bot-side Xerox X in the cup, with Ouyang grabbing his first career hattrick in the 7-0 win. their next opponent in the cup is a division V newcomer, Saranghae FC, whose manager has only been in charge for 1 season. Although they won’t underestimate their opponents, Rosemeadow are expecting a simple win.

In other news, the Royals utterly failed in the recent HTUM Tournament, failing to score in any of the cup games and dropping out of the tournament with 3 losses in the group. “Lets chalk this one up to a poor match engine”, as quoted by Cabeza, “the 6-0 loss was ridiculous. Just have a look at it. No way, maybe a 2-0 loss but 6! Rigged”

The team is now signed up for the BACON-CUP, a straight knock-out style tournament where the winner gets the…Bacon.

Rosemeadow next match is a league visit to Edith St, home of the Arms and Legs. One thing in Rosemeadow’s favour is the fact they have WB Mantvydas Fergelis injured and most likely unavailable, however Helling has yet to past his fitness test and will be a late call as to whether he will play in the game. Arms and Legs currently sit on top of the table with their impressive 4-1 win over last seasons big hitters Manchester United Inc. Arms and Legs were a part of the 4 teams who came close to winning the league last season and might be trying to go one step ahead this time and win the league. We shall see.

History Doomed To Repeat Itself?


Who Needs Strikers?

A combined 15 minute period saw Rosemeadow win their first cup game of the season 8-0, with the incredible stat of having 7 different goal scorers.

“Its good to finally get a win again. After the complete RUBBISH 6-0 loss in the tournament really got to me. 2-0 loss maybe but 6-0. Crazy. Anyway…It’s just good to see the team bounce back and get a positive result after the sale of Sommarlund and Varcoe.” – G.M.

In their past 5 games which included 2 friendlies, 2 tournaments games and 1 promotion qualifier, Rosemeadow had conceded 24 goals and scored 0. Something that really got under the skin of both the fans and the manager. However this game finally saw the Royals turn the corner.

Dal Mutto and Helling both grabbed a goal, but the amazing event is the fact that Rosemeadow scored 7 goals in a combined 15 minute period. 17th, 18th and 25th minute goals meant a 4-0 scoreline at half-time.
Then in the 65th, 66th, 67th and 72nd minute Rosemeadow scored another 4 to round off the game 8-0. The only player to grab a brace was Krilich (65′, 67′).

8 goals, 7 scorers. A real team effort

Rosemeadow’s opponent in the 2nd round of the cup is bit side Xerox FC. With a 30,000+ seater stadium, it will at least draw in a bigger crowd and money for the club who are looking on the transfer market for new trainees and strikers. After a dreary trip to Melbourne in the first round, the Royal fans are looking forward to travelling to NZ’s north island for the next cup match.

With only Helling and Dal Mutto as the real options up front there is a dire need to invest more money in a strike force. When one of those players gets injured there is no replacement for them. But with only a couple million in the bank from the Sommarlund sale, it looks as though Rosemeadow will hold out to buy a “worthy” striker rather then spend less on a quick fix.


End Of An Era

Come end of the season and Rosemeadow are on the rebuild. With players ageing and some even retiring it was seen as a good time to renew the squad and get some fresh players in.

“Yes we did sell some players and we wish them all the best. However we will be looking towards out youth team to provide some on their replacements as well as the transfer market. We are in IV now. Its time to strengthen he team.” – G.M.

Three major players have left the club recently. Berghammer, although past his prime was still a great member of the squad and recently retired to the hall of fame. Brian Sommarlund and Shane Varcoe have both also recently been sold.

“…WHAT?!!…Are they stupid. That is our entire midfield. What a bloody idiot.” – Toby Healey

An Angry Toby Healey

Some fans reacted negatively to this news however there is a plan. At least that’s what Stensson tells us…

"Victims" of Change

“As some of the fans may know, Rosemeadow Royals has been running with very poor financial figures. Every week we play away and do not receive income, we lose about half a million dollars. Last season, we made a net $500,000 for the season which is very poor. Put simply, in order to build and grow we needed to “cut the fat”. Brian Sommarlund demanded a wage of over $3.6 million per season. This simply sin’t sustainable for us. Shane Varcoe was let go in order to make way for investment in the backline. As a result of his sale we purchased Ulu Saba the Turkish wing back. We promise the fans although next seaosn won’t be our finest we will survive in IV and then with our new found income, we promise to push for promotion in 2 seasons time.” – Stensson


Cloudy End To Season

After having one of the better seasons in their history and winning 2 trophies, Rosemeadow sadly finished on a down note. Losing their III qualifier 5-0, and their first HTUM Challenge Trophy match 1-0.

“It is a sour note to end the season on. But this happens. The club would also like to extend our gratitude to Shane Varcoe who left the club shortly after the 5-0 loss on Sunday. We hope he has a great career. Also, Emanuel Berghammer after 2 seasons of delay has finally been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to that living legend.” – G.M.

Berghammer has scored 73 goals in 113 appearances for the club. An great return for this 36 year old striker. That is both the highest number of goals and caps of any Rosemeadow player ever. He has 30 more appearances than the player in 2nd spot (Krilich – 83) and 30 more goals than the player in 2nd spot (Kokic – 43).

Former Striker - Now Player Union Rep

Berghammer has the 3rd most caps as captain with 23 and also has the record for most hattricks scored for the club with 6. Not only that he even has the record for most goals scored in 1 game by 1 player, with 6. Truly he is the greatest Royal to ever have lived…so far.

Finishing off where we left last week, the Royals MVP has been named. The MVP for season 36 is…Vanja Tomčić.

A surprise to many who were expecting the same few names to be there. Either Varcoe, Sommarlund, Helling or Dal Mutto. This season, the manager decided to give it to the un-sung hero of the wing who has his fair share of goals and created chances this season. He may have only scored 4 goals, but he scored them when it counted. He grabbed the 2nd goal in the 2-1 win against Alligators that gave Rosemeadow the title and he scored the goal in the 1-1 draw against Cucamonga. Every point counted this season with a win on GD.


Season Review – 2 for 1

Rosemeadow Royal’s have had a great season when you take a step back and truly look at it.

Rosemeadow once again made the 5th round of the cup. Equalling the club record. They also somehow managed to grab the title on the final day of the league which is always exciting. Not only that, Rosemeadow managed to win the 2nd tier GMC Tournament.

The 2nd Tier Tournament was for teams who finished 2nd in their groups during the official GMC tournament and were knocked out. Rosemeadow managed to win that trophy which makes it the first ever season the Royals have won 2 trophies in one season. Quite the accomplishment.

Clarence Helling finished equal 2nd highest goal scorer in the league. 1 behind the golden boot winner.

Bergahmmer wrote his name in the history books as one of the most important Royals ever, scoring in the 2-1 win on the final league day to hand Rosemeadow their title. One of his many many accomplishments.

The Royal Court upgrade also lead the way for the record for hgihest crowd at a Royals game to be broken. Increasing from 42,000 to a record 53,789.

Now For the AWARDS

The “Joey Barton” Award goes to…Scarran Dreanoughts. They accumulated 8 yellow cards and 2 reds during the campaign. Although Manchester United Inc were a close 2nd with 13 yellows no reds.

The “Park the Bus” Award and the “Robin Van Messi” award both go to Rosemeadow Royals. For scoring the most and conceding the least amount of goals during the season. Scoring 28 (2 per game) and conceding 11 (0.8 per game).

The Golden Boot for the league went to Justin McInerney of the Scarran Dreadnoughts.
However Clarence Helling did pick up a silver boot. However both He and Dal Mutto currently share the honour of top goal scorer for Rosemeadow this season with only the promotion play-off game to play.

Hemminki, Panteleev and Helling also all share the honour of the “Steward’s Award” for most competitive caps this season.

MVP of the season goes to… <to be continued>


Unbelievable Final Round

The final round of the season has been played and the whole league has been shaken up. Anfield managed to avoid the drop with a 3-0 win over Been meaning they now are relegated to V.

Also Rosemeadow managed a 2-1 win away to Alligators FC, and with Manchester United Inc losing 1-0 to Arms and Legs, means Rosemeadow jump over them to claim their first ever IV title in their first season in IV.

“…What can I say. It is amazing. Never thought it would happen. Especially with the number of points we’ve dropped stupidly this season. But we won’t complain. In fact we will party once again.” – G.M.

This win means that Rosemeadow have won a league title in their last 3 seasons. The big man of the day was Dal Mutto’s replacement Berghammer who showed his old legs still have life, grabbing a goal in the first half to give Rosemeadow the lead.

“What can we say. This is why we follow this team and this is why we trust this manager. He brings results and we couldn’t be happier right now” – Eddy Horan

Rosemeadow now face a tough promotion play-off against St-George Illawarra Dragons, whilst Anfield should survive their relegation play-off but Cucamonga have a tough match against L1verpool.

But who cares about all that… CHAMPIONE, CHAMPIONE, OLE, OLE, OLE,


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