Misfits are coming to India


The third encounter between Ghungharu FC and Raszków Jazz is for the first time hosted in India on Kathak Arena.

This is a game in which at every second history will be written. The first encounter between the two on Kathak Arena, the first win or lose, the first goal the first card and so on. But maybe the biggest “The First” of all is having the Misfits playing in our stadium. This great team formed with players from all over the HTUM fed. Between them also we hope to see Arvind Bhutia (431085729) former Bells player.

The game conducted by the Spanish referee Francesc Xavier Miquel will start tomorrow at 6AM and it’s unlikely to have a lot of spectators due to such early hour. But hey we invite you to be The First to wake up and see the game :)

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