SEN FED Cup 15th Edition!

From Week 8 of each Oceanian Hattrick Season many Managers based in our SEN FED and of course those located in the Hattrick Oceanian Community Region of Victoria all lick their lips proudly with anticipation, of yet another Edition of the SEN FED Cup!

It has grown from the very early days of being run by manager VimVuego solely from the oneweekatatime (OWAAT) website, through to manager mheron who began utilitising the hattriX-cupmanager website for many seasons, and now more recently (the last 3-4 seasons) I WozzaNoski have brought the Cup back to its glory days but with a much bigger team base!

From the beginnings of just 16 seasonal competitors, to 32 envitees, to what it was this time last season… a whopping 80 teams, the Cups importance to these managers continues to grow, also in popularity aswell.. as the SEN FED has grown so has the Cup! The lure of great prizes including a 3 Month HT Supporter Package donated with thanks to fellow SEN FED member Dough_Boy, and a 1 Month HT Supporter Pack donated by yours truly… these always provide that extra little bit of oompff to the competing managers to think twice about playing their ‘b’ teams or trainees for these fixtures!

This all started back in Global Season 32 for the First Edition, and now here we are about to commence Edition 15 in Global Season 48. It would surely be the biggest and longest running FED Cup in all of Oceanian History (especially outside the Oceanian National Midweek Cup) of which its importance, and prestige ranks very closely behind that of our National Cup! Let’s be honest here… bragging rights are on the line!

Previous Champions of this Cup include:-
Collingwood Warriors, fowlers shootingstar, Spuraholics x3, Jiagars, Liverpool_FC_03, The Mighty Doggies, Yifto United + most recently the SEN FED Cup was won by AC Woka! SlyTel and his Spuraholics have been Crowned Champions 3 times which in recorded history are the only club to do so, and all that including having to worry about promotion up the Oceanian Divisions, an amazing feat and I’m sure he wishes he could play in this coming Edition, but congrats again to SlyTel for getting his team into another late round performance of the Oceanian National Cup! We tip our hats too you Tel! :) and thanks to you on behalf of all particpating in our 15th Edition for allowing us a chance to try and catch you! 😉 haha

And for our last bit of SEN FED Cup reminiscing, we would like to give a massive thanks to frankafanhock again who manages a team called the Quinn Kings, he and his OWAAT co-host coachnoodles were the catalyst for driving hattrick in Melbourne Victoria all those years ago on their show, and from that stemmed the SEN 1116 Fans Federation and the SEN FED Cup! During the years the Cup has changed name only twice… it began as the ‘OWAAT Cup’ in honour of the website for the show, then switched to be called the ‘frankafanhock Cup’ in honour of our Feds Creator, and has been called for the last 4 seasons now the ‘SEN 1116 Fans Fed Pride Cup’ to show that yes.. we are all proud of our great cup, and we say ‘it aint going anywhere anytime soon!’ haha

So… on with news about this weeks games!

Wednesday 4/4/12 @ 6.15pm was when the Registration Process closed for Edition 15 of the SEN FED Cup. And with that I give thanks to the hattriX-Cupmanager website for allowing our Great Fed to use its features to run our Cup each season!
This season we (Dough_Boy and I) only re-envited last seasons entrants into this new version and with that came a handy 48 teams to compete with last season fetching the 80 mentioned earlier after I sent out HT-Mails to many past entrants from eons ago, an SEN FED-WIDE Newsletter addvertising it etc aswell as all the Victorian regional teams from the top 5 Oceanian Divisions.. were all envited last time.. but the 80 could often be a hassle to organise and keep upto date, but yes here we go again and goodluck to those involved, it should be a cracker with teams representing Divisions III down to VI, involving 12 groups of 4 teams plus knockout stage, the first round is played from 11.04.2012 (in 1 days). Once the Cup has completed and a Champion Crowned the manager will be awarded with a Challenge Cup Trophy Symbol as has been the case since day dot for our cup! The initial group stage is followed by a 32 team knockout Playoff, so giving many teams the chance to progress out of their groups and into some normal straight knockout scenarios.. All of the First round’s matches were seeded by current league positions and the team that was situated at the lower league level and position at sign-up gets home ground advantage at all stages of the cup.

Some interesting Groups include…

Group A, Involving leenyslosers who make a return to this Cup after a season or 2’s hiatus, and they have been drawn together with a past Cup Champion in Yifto United, both should progress through here though.. The 2 other teams are Glenroy Lions + Hornets XI.

Group B, Pits former Cup Semi-Finalist and current SEN 1116 Fans Fed Chief Officer ‘intone’ and his ‘aussie hammer’ team up against CollingwoodFC, and again both should progress with Hedricko a smokey to cause an upset or 2 along the way.. The last club is ‘papa cyclings crew’.

Group C, Is arguably turning out to be a ‘group of death’ as it involves top seed and another former Cup Champion in Liverpool_FC_03, plus recent drop from III to IV in Sunshine Blues, also last season Failure McMuffins posted some massive ratings, and let’s not forget The Mighty Doggies who also are former Cup Champions… A massive group and 1 to add to many a HT-Live game day viewer!

Group D, Is looking to be the weakest of the groups with already 2 walkover scores done due to 2 managers accidentily scheduling wrong matches, but thankfully only 2 games out of 24 have been affected this 1st week, so let’s hope that rectifies itself in readiness for next week! Forum favourite branca_22 and his ‘I feel like chicken tonight’ team will be everyones cheer on team here! The Bomber’s Arsenal, Untouchables FC + UnknownUnited are the various teams involved in battle here.

Group E, Involves 2 clubs that have literally only just been knocked out of the Oceanian National Midweek Cup, being Marcnus FC and Southern Super Whites and they both return for their second crack at our Cup! So welcome lads :) The other 2 teams are Listen Up Slapnuts + Bulleen Bashers.

Group F, Is the ‘fun-filled’ group, and yep it involves myself WozzaNoski and my EVIL INC., and I get to play funny buggers with the SEN FED Founder and spiritual FED God in frankafanhock and his Quinn Kings, oh and I better not forget about the localh bandits, whom I support and they return the favour with support of my own team and they and I have met on many occasions, which all were close encounters! The strongest team in this group and they can’t be forgotten is Houli’sHeroes.

Group G, Involves 1 of the Cups top seeds in Mt Evelyn Old Boys, he has played many Cups now with us and we appreciate his involvement, this group also has the lowest ranked entrant in Div VI club Kingsbury Comets FC, and he tells me he is an absalute SEN 1116 radio station junkie, he simply can’t get enough of it! 2 remaining teams are Team Fleet + Hewsdale Harriers.

Group H, is a Wowza of a group! It features SEN FED Forums Guru Dough_Boy and his Seaford FC, up against an old foe in -wilson- and his Drumleagues United, both should be hot favourites to progress, but watch out for the ‘L For Loser’ team which is rumoured to be leeny63’s naughty second team! 😉 The 4th team in this group is Kewell Magic F.C who again was 1 of last seasons biggest FED Cup weekly raters!

Group I, See’s the return to our FED Cup of Casula United and manager Kizza, he’s from enemy territory and will be plotting our downfall and hoping of taking our Cup accross the border to NSW! Also in this group is a favourite team of mine in the name of ‘The Beg Tets’, formerly named ‘The Big Tits’ before the Oceanian GM’s found out and switched his team name… poor bugger! 😉 Blueblueboy888 + The Borough are also located in this group.

Group J, Spells possible DOOM for atleast 1 of these teams, with each of them being an SEN FED Forum regular at various stages of the last 12 months, with all 4 evenly matched in ratings and squad depth.. these include; Middle Park Rovers, Wallaroo Dogs, Smitlick + FC Hihi. I just can’t seperate these guys!

Group K, The Div III Portsea Aggies can be viewed down here with a relatively easy group to smash up on, manager sperkins was excited by last seasons cup, and has returned for another bout! The 3 clubs that will be trying to take the easter chocies away from manager sperkins are BeatyouAGAIN, darkness333 + Lone Prong Athletic.

Group L, Is the last group and will be interesting to see who prevails out of ‘ratings boom team’ City Utd, the returning Whites Wongs, and SEN 1116 Fans Fed original petevas and his Yarra Park Bears, this guy has been around since day dot, and played many editions of this Cup! VS Vlissingen is also ever improving and returns for another shot at SEN FED Cup glory!

So to conclude.. thanks and best wishes to everyone involved in the 15th Edition of the SEN 1116 Fans Fed Cup, and may the match engine be with us all… always.. and please let their be No fisti-cuffs during this campaign like these bunch of panzies!



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