“The moment I’ve been waiting for”

Steinicke at Nymark, who knows what’s going through his mind?

The rain pours down. Alone at the field after the afternoon practice at Tuesday stands a lonely figure, staring at nothing. The lads are long gone, but for some reason is this man still here. Before I get to open my mouth, the man starts speaking:

“This is it. The moment I’ve been waiting for. I haven’t experienced anything bigger than this in any of the twenty seasons I’ve played for this club” Steinicke said quietly, before he turned around and looked at me.

“Is it the big game tomorrow that bothers you?” I asked, followed up by a brief moment of silence.

“Yeah. The Golden League is a huge competition, and since I’m not exactly a youngster anymore, I know this will be my last chance to take part in a competition like this as a player. The last thing I told the boys before they left the field today was to remember having fun out there” he said, looking slightly stressed out.

“How do you thing the youngsters will handle the pressure on them tomorrow?”

“They will do fine. Also, it’s the more experienced players job to make sure they keep it together when the match is underway, including me” he said, turning around again, continuing to look out over the empty field.

“Okay, I’m sure you got many thoughts whirling around in your head right now, I wish you the best of luck” I said, only getting a silent sound as a response.


Brann will host Evil Incorporated at Brann Stadion tomorrow. The other fixtures in the round of 16 are: Londoner Tricolor – FC X-Team, Lost Saxons – Bad Bergamot Seeds, KK Krosno – Bellevue Barrage, FC Rünenberg – MS Odense, Rochdale United – AFC Wirschtlstand, Mighty Karak Chai FC – Los Mejores Fútbol Club, and Pig Hunters -Warriors of Sahura.

About eilanda

I am a manager/HTU editor from Northern Norway, and my team is SK Brann, both in real life and in the fantastic world of Hattrick. With every day that passes, I learn more about this addicting little game I found back in 2007, and for every day goes by, the love for it grows. I enjoy writing stories about my HT-team, and to make more out of the regular game. With over twenty-five in-game seasons of experience, Brann have the ambition of reaching the top division of Norway, Tippeligaen.