Long-time rivals awaits Brann this season

Brann relegated last season, but that doesn’t imply that this season will be meaningless. Because in the same series as Brann, we find long-time rivals Stord, and the two games between these two titans will for sure be intense. Because if we take a look at the head-to-head statistics, the two teams finds themselves to be completely even, with 12 wins, 2 draws, and 12 losses each. The rivalry between these two teams began all the way back in GS 36, at the very end of that season. And with that long of a history, it’s without a doubt very prestigious come out as the victor in these two games. And Stord will for sure do anything in their power to spoil Brann’s plans to promote. And to fill us in on why Stord really became a blood rival, Brann manager Eilanda gave us a quick run-down:

“So, why are Brann and Stord rivals? Is it just a coincidence, or is it more behind it than we already know?” our sports journalist Alejandro Cassillas asked.

“Truth be told, it’s far more than a mere coincidence. You see, myself and the manager of Stord are more than just rivals…” Eilanda said, and took a brief and dramatic pause. “We’re even related. By blood. He’s my father” Eilanda said to a flabbergasted Cassillas.

“What!? I’ve never heard of this, you never mentioned any of this in the locker room back in the day! [Cassillas played for SKB before his current TBJ commitments — Ed.]”.

“Heh, I guess not. However, it’s far more than bragging rights on the line. Over the years this rivalry has developed into something more. The fans have adapted, and taken this rivalry to their hearts. I was especially surprised over the enthusiasm the fans showed when we faced Stord during the pre-season in Jes’ testimonial game. Even being under by four goals, the Stord supporters almost out-cheered our supporters, even though they were the clear minority. That is amazing.”

“Well, I need a cup of coffee, maybe even some smelling salts after this. Thank you for your time Eilanda”.

Also, Jes ‘Kniksen’ Steinicke got his long-awaited testimonial match the 28th of May, and had a final goodbye to the fans. For the time being, Steinicke won’t have a position in the club, however, he isn’t completely out of the picture for that matter. Steinicke started up his aviation company “Steinicke Airlines” a few seasons ago, and have for the last two seasons served as Brann’s general sponsor. This pre-season he extended the sponsorship deal for another year, meaning the company logo will continue to pride the Brann kit this season. For the first games of this season Brann have played with last seasons kit set, but will introduce the brand new kit set in today’s league fixture against Loppa.

At the end of the testimonial match, Lucarelli left the field for Steinicke to come on, to a standing ovation from the attendance. Lucarelli netted two goals this game, and dedicated both of them to his long-time mentor.



About eilanda

I am a manager/HTU editor from Northern Norway, and my team is SK Brann, both in real life and in the fantastic world of Hattrick. With every day that passes, I learn more about this addicting little game I found back in 2007, and for every day goes by, the love for it grows. I enjoy writing stories about my HT-team, and to make more out of the regular game. With over twenty-five in-game seasons of experience, Brann have the ambition of reaching the top division of Norway, Tippeligaen.