The Last Stand

This is it. At this moment, it’s either make it or break it for Brann. This Sunday morning, they will face off against the Egyptian second division side The Warriors of Sahura, in a game that will decide the bronze medalists in this edition of the GL Masters. The reigning K-League champions AS Uijeongbu 07 proved to be as strong as Brann feared them to be, and will play Mighty Karak Chai FC in the final.

Even though their team got defeated 0-7 in the return leg at Waegari Park last Saturday, the travelling Brann supporters didn’t seem too concerned about the result. They were more focused on giving the players on the field the moral support they needed after such a crushing defeat, and many of them stayed for a while at the arena after the match had concluded:

“Yeah, a group of 40-50 of us walked down to the front row of the stands, and waited for the players to come over to us” a supporter said to our journalist. “With an arena as intimidating as Waegari Park, we figured that the loss was much harder on them than us, so we tried to comfort them. After all, the tournament run was far from over, as we still had a third place final to play.”

Now, as of writing this, there’s a little over half a day left until the match between Brann and the Warriors kicks off. The Brann squad has already spent over a day in Poland, and are optimistic even though they are considered the underdog of this match-up:

“This won’t be easy, no doubt about that. That being said, I’m sure the Warriors won’t take us for granted, and they won’t give us anything for free. But we have to remember, there’s a reason that we have reached this far in this tournament. We’ve never given in, and have fought until the very end every single game. The return leg against Cabuie showed this very clearly, another goal conceded would’ve meant that we had gone to OT, and possibly penalties. That could easily have been the end to our journey” Erik Sörensson said, before leaving for the player bus back to the hotel.

The Brann Journal will be back with an update some time after the third place final has concluded, with or without the bronze medals.

About eilanda

I am a manager/HTU editor from Northern Norway, and my team is SK Brann, both in real life and in the fantastic world of Hattrick. With every day that passes, I learn more about this addicting little game I found back in 2007, and for every day goes by, the love for it grows. I enjoy writing stories about my HT-team, and to make more out of the regular game. With over twenty-five in-game seasons of experience, Brann have the ambition of reaching the top division of Norway, Tippeligaen.