The Brann Collection

Please have a look at these finely handpicked stories and storylines, that stands out as either memorable stories or as highlights in Brann’s history.

The Everyday Heroes trilogy

The Everyday Heroes I
Meet Fredrik Abrahamsen, the always-happy hot dog vendor greeting the hot dog craving crowd outside Brann Stadion.

The Everyday Heroes II (Coming soon!)
Meet the loyal equipment manager Torstein Jensen in the second part of the trilogy.

The Everyday Heroes III (TBA)


Golden League

“The moment I’ve been waiting for”
Most football player reaches a point in their career they can call a definite highlight, and for the by far biggest Brann legend Jes ‘Kniksen’ Steinicke, the GL5 Masters was it. The moment he scored the 4-0 goal against Evil Inc. at Brann Stadion and took his celebratory run down to the corner flag was forever captured by a sports journalist with quick reflexes, and have been burned into the minds of most Brann supporters as the most iconic piece of Brann history.

“The great pursuit of Steinicke”

This is a storyline that emerged at the beginning of Brann’s second season as a fourth division side. The Brann winger Jes Steinicke had already reached legendary status among the Brann fans, and had midway through the season before agreed to take over as head coach as well. Brann competed in their first GL Masters ever under Steinicke, and made it to the quarter-finals. The board was happy, the fans were ecstatic, and Steinicke seemed to become the most successful Brann head coach ever. But while being high on their own GL success, Brann didn’t manage to deliver the goods in the league opening the following season, and were in danger of relegation. The natural scapegoat was the head coach obviously, and thus, an almost two season long head hunt had begun.

Sacked in the morning?
Nr. 1

No sleep for Steinicke
Nr. 2

DoF shows key figure the red card
Nr. 3

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I am a manager/HTU editor from Northern Norway, and my team is SK Brann, both in real life and in the fantastic world of Hattrick. With every day that passes, I learn more about this addicting little game I found back in 2007, and for every day goes by, the love for it grows. I enjoy writing stories about my HT-team, and to make more out of the regular game. With over twenty-five in-game seasons of experience, Brann have the ambition of reaching the top division of Norway, Tippeligaen.