The club

A late october evening in 2007 eighteen men met outside the old soccer arena in their home town. They had all seen a notice hanging on the notice board in the local pub, that stated: “Want to play soccer and be a part of the new revolution? Join Sportsklubben Brann and feel the glory”. The man behind all of this, Eilanda, had registered his new squad to the national league system. After the first season was finished, Brann had enough sponsors to continue the operation of the club. Today Brann is far better, both in terms of finances and league position.

Brann Stadion is located a little bit away from the city, and is connected to a top-condition training ground. With many seasons of experience, manager Eilanda is starting to make Brann the top team it deserves to be.


About the Author

I am a manager/HTU editor from Northern Norway, and my team is SK Brann, both in real life and in the fantastic world of Hattrick. With every day that passes, I learn more about this addicting little game I found back in 2007, and for every day goes by, the love for it grows. I enjoy writing stories about my HT-team, and to make more out of the regular game. With over twenty-five in-game seasons of experience, Brann have the ambition of reaching the top division of Norway, Tippeligaen.