East Village FC 1-6 Fighting Penguins FC

Fabrizio Tanzarella scored twice in quick succession in the first quarter hour of the game to give the Penguins the momentum they needed to progress in the US Open Cup.

The scoring didn’t stop there either. Ben Barrett and Luis Eduardo Yanez scored before halftime to give the Penguins a commanding 4-0 lead as the teams headed to the changing rooms.

Alfredo Sabogal scored in his Penguin cup debut with a beauty of a free kick just after half time. Viggo Krag finished the scoring the Penguins just two minutes later as the Penguins advanced to Round 2 of the US Open Cup.

Manager Antonio Onorato was quoted after the game saying, “We did what I thought we do – win. The team played well today and got the job done. Now we look ahead to the weekend before scouting our next opponent in the cup.”

The Penguins will play host to Dynamo Dumb at the Igloo on Wednesday in Round 2 of the US Open Cup.

Milestones Achieved:

  • Alfredo Sabogal scored his first cup goal for the Penguins

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