League Week 2: A Bloodbath At Bathory

Steeple Sinderby Wanderers made the short trip upstate, taking on Dybesciaki Bathory in lovely and scenic Utica.  SSW scored early and often, securing a comfortable 8-0 win notable for a hattrick from player-manager David Jorgensen, which was enough to briefly propel him to the top of our league’s top scorer chart.

While Jorgensen’s Golden Boot campaign is likely to come to a shuddering halt in the next week or two, his place in Wanderers’ lore is likely secure.   The best of a raft of veterans purchased to keep what was then a newly-promoted SSW side in Division V, Jorgensen was Wanderers’ captain from the day he signed on the dotted line, and a cerebral box-to-box midfielder capable of keeping an underdog team cool and organized under the most desperate of circumstances.  All of this was, however, overshadowed by the iconic image of his career, a photo snapped at the moment when, in a rage, he grabbed an opposing defender by the scruff of the neck after having been kicked one too many times.  That combination of fire and ice is still evident in his managerial role.  Most days, Jorgensen runs a disciplined defensive side, capable of frustrating opponents by keeping its shape and surprising them on the counter.  Nevertheless, Jorgensen’s reactions when, say, Misariscabame makes a silly pass under pressure or when Barton acts as if tracking back on defense is for lesser men, can be a sight to behold.  Lets just say that everyone connected with the club has become an expert in the theory and practice of Danish expletives and leave it at that.

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