Week 4: Boston Brings The Brickbats!

This week, SSW was able to hold on to its edge in the league by dispatching basketball refugees Boston Celtix 8-0.  The lopsided scoreline does not reflect the hard-fought nature of the game, as Boston clearly subscribed to the “if you can’t beat them, kick them” school of soccer.  While this strategy, if such it can be called, did not benefit them at all on the pitch, it will have long-term carryover events.  Terry King was carried off after a vicious foul, while Leslaw Malolepszy was evidently called “Lesley” one time too many, as he dropped a Celtix midfielder with a creditable right hook to the chops, earning himself a red card and the undying affection of the more scurrilous members of the Wild Fenland Rovers (to wit, all of them).  In general, it was a miserable evening for everyone but our resident hard man, Janos Pailing, who not only gave as good as he got on the pitch but also notched his first career hat trick, good for man of the match honors.

As for the cup, reality set in for us this week against third division Jumping Jehovahs.  While we actually managed to more than hold our own in midfield, we were undone by the fact that our regular set piece takers were unavailable.  Rather than let one of his young charges take the blame, Jorgensen shouldered that responsibility himself, and proceeded to shank a penalty and a couple free kicks.  Since we weren’t able to threaten their goal much from open play, it was just a matter of time before they broke through.  In this case, JJ’s Joe Konopka opened the scoring with a bicycle kick goal that even the Wild Fenland Rovers were compelled to applaud.  From there, we had to chase the game, and they hit us on the counter a couple times to complete a 3-0 win.  Still, this year marked our best cup run yet, and our fans showed their gratitude by burning their membership cards in what I like to think was a form of tribute.

Next week, we get to play a higher-division team in the Sapphire Cup without our two best players, so that’ll end well.  In the league, we get one more bot team before the month that will make or break our season.

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