Week 7 Preview: The Dubious Wisdom of Owls

This week, SSW travels to the west coast for the first of back-to-back matches against Oregon-based Great Grey Owls.  As two of the three teams in our division with plausible hopes of winning the title, this promises to be an absolutely vital match.  Win and we stay in the mix, anything else and things get very difficult.  For their part, the Owls boast probably the best defense in the division, but have struggled to control midfield, are dealing with a bit of an injury crisis and in a position where a draw does them no good at all.   If we can conjure up a goal or two, we’ll be fine, but it might take a moment of magic from someone to break through.

Following that, we venture to the fabled Richfield Coliseum to take on F.C. Westchester in the Enterprise (Sapphire) Cup.  Despite Jorgensen’s insistence that we focus solely on the league, the lads are more than a bit excited for their first-ever match in the national stadium.  Sadly, given the midfield Westchester puts up, there’s a better-than-decent chance that it’ll be our only appearance there this season.

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