Week 8 Recap: The Hammer

The latter half of the season began with us taking on the Great Grey Owls for the second straight week, this time at home.  As befit a match of this import (i.e. one accompanied by a sale on beer), Slingsby Lane was sold out, with 42,000 of our screaming faithful baying for blood, and not especially caring whose.

Buoyed by the noise, both sides came out with a wild, passionate intensity, that lead to any number of crunching tackles and overhit passes.  Through it all, a pattern quickly emerged- the Owls would once again gladly cede midfield to us and watch our attacks founder against their packed-in defense, only this time they were more adventurous in their counter-attacks, hoping to nab a goal and return to Oregon with an ill-gotten win.

It was a sound plan, and it may well have worked but for the efforts of one man:  the Hammer himself, Leslaw Malolepszy.  With a calm alien to his fellow Wanderers, Malolepszy took it upon himself to foil each Strigiform counter and to make the vital pass to start our attacks anew.  Finally, in the 62nd minute, he took matters into his own hands, pouncing on a loose ball at the edge of the box and blasting home what would be the only goal of the match.

With the win, we remain level on points with Rusko for first place, trailing only on goal differential, and our match with them next week will almost certainly decide the league title.  We also make our Golden League debut this week, hosting FC Prauge Silvers on “Senior Citizens’ Day,” where all fans in attendance will receive commemorative Matlock DVD’s and the chance to witness a back line with an average age well in excess of 38.

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