Blackmon-Thomas Crisis Talks Held

In the end, it came down to money.

Following a hard-fought 2-0 win over Nisqually Kahnaway, the SSW brain trust met to determine the future of troubled forward Rolando Blackmon-Thomas.

Even after the ructions of the last few weeks, there was considerable sentiment to keep him.  Carl Oppum, our Head of Recruitment and the man most responsible for signing him in the first place, argued strongly for keeping him, pointing to his goal-scoring record over the past season and speculating that the second-chance goals the Back Bay Bull created with his powerful frame would be especially important against the stronger defenses we will be facing after promotion.  Additionally, club captain Ruggero Panero was optimistic that with a little sage mentoring on his part, Blackmon-Thomas’ relationship with manager David Jorgensen could be repaired.

Jorgensen, however, would have none of it.  I, and probably everyone else in the room, chalked his insistence on selling on  an unwillingness to brook any challenges to his authority, if not simple wounded pride.  Nevertheless, the wily Dane was able to recast the discussion by arguing that Blackmon-Thomas’ value was at its peak now and that keeping him would be financially disastrous.  After all, we will be shifting our training focus to defending and then crossing, neither of which would much benefit him, so why let his value depreciate?  Instead, with an adequate short-term replacement available in Emilusz Niemiec, Wanderers could cash in while Blackmon-Thomas’ value was at its peak, and use the money to otherwise strengthen the squad.

The final decision lay with our chairman, who noticeably perked up at the mention of cashing in, though his enthusiasm did not seem to extend to actually spending the money received.  Accordingly, he gave the authorization to list Blackmon-Thomas, albeit for a hefty sum.  Assuming we can find a buyer for him over the next few days, it’ll be a sad end to the Wanderers career of one of our most promising talents.


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