Week 2 Recap: A Conversation With David Jorgensen

This week, we managed a 1-1 draw in our home opener against the defending league champions reddinrdboyz.  After the match, David Jorgensen took me to the pub and reflected on the season so far.

Me: Congrats on a good result!  I know you’d never tell the lads this, but you must be happy with that performance.

DJ:  Actually, no.  I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get all three points.  The defense was good, and we created chances, we just couldn’t finish them.  So annoying.

Me:  We’ve actually held up really well defensively in the first two games.  Are you thinking about changing the training away from defense?

DJ: Its tempting, but I just can’t do it.  Its great that we can defend well with five at the back, but we can’t do that every game in the long run.  It limits us to counter-attacking against anyone half decent, which will keep us in IV but won’t get us much beyond that.  So we need to be able to play well defensively with only four or even three at the back.  We’re not there yet.  Also, Alex [Barton] and Nick [King] are both liabilities on defense at the moment, which needs to be fixed.

Me:  Speaking of which, how is Alex adapting to the defense training?

DJ:  Well, I’ll say this for him: the lad’s trying.  He sucks, but he’s trying.  At least, when he screws up, which is often, I have Chopper [Ron Sellers] to yell at him, saving me from having to get hoarse all the time.

Me: Speaking of Chopper, that was a hell of a game for him wasn’t it?  Scored the only goal, Man of the Match, elected to the Team of the Week.  A harbinger of things to come?

DJ:  Well, probably not the goal scoring part.  The man’s no Beckenbauer, but he can and should keep defending like that.  Plus, he’s turned out to be a better playmaker than we expected.  That said, even if all he does is yell at Alex all year, he’d be worth the price.

Me:  So, are we going to smack around Celtic next week or what?

DJ:  Heck, yeah.  Cheers!  Actually, its going to be a really tough one for us- they looked really strong last week and, honestly, just getting a point would be a positive result.  That said, if we can win that one, then we can probably stop worrying about auto-demotion and instead take a whack at making the top four.

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