Week 9 Update: Avoiding Disaster

Well, after a fortnight of misery, we were able to get ourselves moving in the right direction again with a 3-0 win over relegation-bound Czech Frosties.  For once, we managed to get a game off to a good start, as Luis Aldair Misariscabme opened the scoring in the 11th minute and Nick King doubled our advantage three minutes later.  We then returned to our usual habit of blowing chances, though Emilusz Niemiec managed to add an insurance goal in the 55th minute.  More importantly, we managed to avoid any injuries and were able to keep the four or five fans who actually showed up from throwing things at us.

Next week, we travel up to New Hampshire to take on Cavaliers VFC in a match that will go a long way towards determining whether we can avoid the qualifiers.  Keeper Chris Masters is facing a late fitness test, while they’ve got a minor suspension crisis on their hands, so this one could really go either way.

Finally, a quick note to both readers of this blog: I’m going to be travelling this coming week, and will likely be unable to do an update next week.  Usual irregular service will resume the following week.

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