You are viewing the home page of West Bromwich Strollers, who are a fictional football club in the online game of Hattrick. This site is currently under construction and should be up and running as soon as we have run out of tea.

In the meantime, you can have a look at the club’s historical badges or read about the club’s history for more information about the journey this team has undertaken in it’s six year history.

Club History

Meet the staff

Youth Academy

History of Badges





Meet The Staff

Added 09 August – Pictures of Eddie and Emma Swift.


Youth Academy

Added 03 July – A statistical overview of the young players that have been produced by the staff at West Bromwich Starters.


Season 48 Report

Added 08 June – a full analysis of Strollers latest season, under the management of Emilio Serrizuela.


Season 32 Report

Added 31 May – a full analysis of Strollers first season back in 2007 under the management of Insourcer.

































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