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As HT reaches its 50th season: Super Troopers FC have now been running a little over 8 years and calls have been made by its stakeholders to issue more transparent operations of the club’s affairs.  With mounting pressure to maintain the image of the club the following information has now officially been unveiled on to the club’s website.


Welcome to the official Hattrick United page of Super Troopers FC.  Here you can find out everything you need to know about the running of the club, its history, players and much more.  Use the navigation menu above to get started.

Super Troopers FC was formed on the 22nd November 2004 and is now fast approaching its 8th real life year in existence and as of season 50 has embarked on its 27th Hattrick league campaign.  Managed by identiti, the club has had a slow start back in its early years fluttering between the bottom tiers of the English league; however in the last few seasons they have transformed their fortunes through a greater understanding of the game by manager identiti resulting in their current season pitting themselves against opposition in their first tier IV season.  identiti’s men have encountered a tough few seasons stuck in V.31 which has been the result of playing in one of the hardest tier V series in England in recent years, notably with last season being ranked as number 1 across England.  Despite this difficult obstacle they managed to come out on top going up via qualification in an undefeated campaign albeit classified as the second best team in the series.  For more information on season 49 please click here.

identiti with a previous draw for the WBA Inter Federation Cup for your entertainment 😉 

Special thanks must be given to Emilio_Serrizuela (insourcer) of West Bromwich Strollers who in recent years has given identiti the hunger to compete and challenge for the top spot in his series.  The friendship and good natured rivalry amongst both players has only aided in the development on both clubs and tactical knowledge of the respective managers.  Other special mentions must go to the HTU Managers federation for showing the epitomy of what Hattrick is about in terms of community as well as giving identiti the creative thought processes to finally get started properly on the clubs website.  With this in mind, a special mention to Cuomos, manager of Vi flæsker jer for designing the club’s latest team badge, a truly professional piece of work done by one of the best logo designers in the Hattrick World.

Mentioning the HTU Managers federation and not mentioning the creator of the Golden League leebebbs is like turning up for your wedding day and not having a partner there to get married to!  As manager of The Flaming Wodkas FC, he founded the Golden League on the 27.7.2011.  This game within a game allows managers of the HTU federation to play one another freely throughout their friendly matches in order to compete for points and has created a lot of buzz and inspiration for many Hattrick United blogs over the few seasons.   This season sees a slightly different take on the Golden League with individual clubs being drafted in to groups to earn points as a collective team thus ensuring that new ideas aid the longetivity and enjoyment of what was an initial thought at a computer screen in Poland.  As of July 2012, “the Golden League was the second most tagged item on HTU.” (Leebebbs interview on the Golden League)

It is only fair at this point that we mention Hojris, manager of MS Odense; without his insight to create the HTU Managers federation then none of the Golden League may ever have come about and more importantly a group of devout Hattrickeers may never have even met.  It would be strange nowadays to think of Hattrick the game without it being associated with the HTU Managers federation and for that I salute you!

Horus70 of Horus Falcons also deserves special mention for a number of reasons;  Not only is he a man who has English as a second language, he is the only person of that group that can then use his English and publish words in his blog that even i don’t understand being a native speaker of it! Major Cuomos, i mean Kudos points for this!  In addition i’d like to thank him for his support throughout the Birmingham to Liverpool cycle ride that Amo and I did to raise money for Callum Bryan, a 6 year old who suffered a heart attack in June 2012.  His time and effort to put together an interview and publish it on the HTU Managers blog helped to raise awareness and for that I am especially grateful. Full interview regarding the bike ride can be found here.

With regards to the HTU Managers federation there are two more mentions, one being ballinho, manager of FC Prague Silvers for starting the HTUM Challenge Trophy.  This tournament cup in my eyes is deemed the official tournament cup of the HTU Managers federation and is to that end, what the the F.A. Cup is to the English domestic league.  So far it has eluded us, but with strong semi final and runner up finishes we are sure that this trophy will be ours one day in the near future.  Finally thank you to AzeemClark of Langer House; with the new look and story line soon to be portrayed about the Super Troopers Club, it was important to get some advice before tackling the taboo subject of culture and race whilst trying to plan funny storylines without offending the general Hattrick world.  Your continual advice has been invaluable in helping to plan the developments of the characters and no doubt I will call on you in the future to run ideas past you in the near future.


WBA Federation

WBA Federation, youtube videos of fed cup draws, Mikasz (interpreting and providing fuel for press announcments), J Serra (prediction league maestro), gerby baggies (fed cup runner)

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identiti: real name Matt Cromwell (27) has been a Hattrick player since 2004 and currently works as a medical administrator at an urgent care centre in Birmingham, England. He has a degree in ICT and Education Studies and in his spare time does karate, plays poker and 5 a side football. He is an avid West Bromwich Albion fan and has been supporting them at the Hawthorns for just shy of 20 years. When not doing the forementioned he can be found falling asleep at his computer whilst looking at Hattrick.