The Lone Striker… {M.E.E.T}

After having spent what seems to be an eternity playing Hattrick, a new quest and a burning desire to meet fellow Hattrick players has evolved.  Coming from a place where my friends don’t share my interests with regards to this game, I’ve taken it upon myself to go meet fellow players.

Thus has become what is known as the lone striker, my sole mission to meet players across the land.  To date there have been two Hattrick players i have met, Emilio_Serrizuela previously known as alias insourcer of West Bromwich Strollers and Jabudd of A N Fielders.

The first meet with Emilio_Serrizuela came about from a shared love of West Bromwich Albion and the much welcomed help in creating what is now known as the “West Bromwich Albion Fed” (95170) founded on the 2nd September 2010.  After a lot of HT mails forwards and backwards over a few months a meet and beer was decided on Broad Street in Birmingham City Centre.  I’ll always remember Emilio_Serrizuela and i agreeing to print our team sheets out and the comment made to me that “if you’re boring then we’ve always got Hattrick!”  In fact we did hit it off and our 1st meet seemed to be over in minutes as it was time to go, sinking a large quantity of beer along the way.  It turned out, apart from Emilio_Serrizuela ‘s dodgy trilby (which i would have pulled off a lot better) that we had a lot in common; A passion for the Albion, I.T and silly senses of humour and i now classify him as one of, if not, my best mate.  Looking back on it, it is strange to think how much a computer game online can impact your life and behind every avatar is another player, moreover, another person.  Through one medium of Hattrick we can connect together and Emilio_Serrizuela will be the start of many more i hope.


Friday 24th February 2012

This turned out to be the second meet from Hattrick. Jabudd (8589155) of A N Fielders (60419) was a newcomer to our series V.31 in season 47 and was a breath of fresh air for new banter with regards to maintaing an active series and made Hattrick live to its full potential.  Unfortunately he relegated from a tough series that year, losing a qualification match that most users would have cried “MATCH ENGINE RANDOM!”  Still, he took it right on the chin with no complaints to the outside world, (the pet dog may have known about it though.)  A few weeks prior to the end of the season i mentioned about a Hattrick meet to our series only to be told that Jabudd would be on business in Colmore Row Birmingham in the next few weeks and coming from London i thought it only fair i should travel a few miles down the road to see him.  Things were left a little late until the phone call came through and we duly met after some serious ships in the night escapades trying to find each other, but all was worth it in the end.  We stopped off in a real ale pub, that many ales on in fact that you had to order your beer by number!  After chatting Hattrick and checking over my team sheet to compare how we play/look at the game it was again interesting to get peoples insights on their thought processes whilst playing.  We disagreed on some things however, Jabudd took it more as a football game as opposed to looking at the match engine maths and algorhythm side of it and i could only give a cheesy grin when he mentioned that he felt that his players played better on one side or another; thus suggesting they were left or right footed.  The meet didn’t last too long as business prevails and he had a long trip back to London, but he’s definitely someone worth meeting and i hope to see him again in the future, next time hopefully with the rest of us from series V.31

If you think you’d like to meet me then feel free to message my inbox on Hattrick and i would like to get something arranged in the not so distant future.  My aim is initially to meet 100 people from Hattrick to start with.  I’d like to have a photo taken with each and do a blog after each meet and look to include a map to pinpoint where I’ve met different players entitled “identiti on tour.”  Hattrick isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life and brings people together along the way.


Happy Hattricking



About identiti

identiti: real name Matt Cromwell (27) has been a Hattrick player since 2004 and currently works as a medical administrator at an urgent care centre in Birmingham, England. He has a degree in ICT and Education Studies and in his spare time does karate, plays poker and 5 a side football. He is an avid West Bromwich Albion fan and has been supporting them at the Hawthorns for just shy of 20 years. When not doing the forementioned he can be found falling asleep at his computer whilst looking at Hattrick.