Skypes away!

After receiving a HT mail from Kludden of Sweden regarding using the medium of Skype to connect to more HT players, especially for connecting with the international world; I have set up a Skype account specifically for HT.  If you’d like to add me feel free with the username ht_lone_striker  Thank you to Kludden for the idea that in all honesty, i had simply overlooked.  In the coming weeks/months i will be starting a federation for friends of the lone striker, but will post more in due course.  Feel free to add comments, share, like and/or follow any of my blogs thatyou wish.  The more it is shared, the better we as Hattrickeers can connect.

Happy Hattricking


About identiti

identiti: real name Matt Cromwell (27) has been a Hattrick player since 2004 and currently works as a medical administrator at an urgent care centre in Birmingham, England. He has a degree in ICT and Education Studies and in his spare time does karate, plays poker and 5 a side football. He is an avid West Bromwich Albion fan and has been supporting them at the Hawthorns for just shy of 20 years. When not doing the forementioned he can be found falling asleep at his computer whilst looking at Hattrick.