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End of an Era (February)

(12:05) End of an Era….

SC2 have held their last monthly report (February) at the request of the club and chairman (Broxi) today.This action was not taking lightly but the club feel that there seems to be a lack of interest nowadays amongst supporters and peeps.

Broxi goes onto to say “We the club have decided to relinquish these reports as over the past couple of months only a couple of thumbs up have been seen on these reports and therefore we feel it would be better to use the time elsewhere”.

Broxi goes on to say “Its not to say its the end of the reports as we will be holding a mid-season as well as an end of the season report which will allow our supporters the opportunity to see how the season is progressing as well as how the season finished”.

A tearful Broxi finished said “I for one would like to thank all those supporters who have followed SC2 over the seasons within these reports and hope you continue to at least peep in now and again to see if there are any changes within the club”.


Monthly Report (January)

SC2 held their Monthly report tonight,

In the chair once again was chairman Broxi,who for once looked quite pleased with himself as does the members and fans in the auditorium.Hopefully you the supporter will be pleased too as you read on.

Broxi spoke mainly about the month just past which has seen the club go 11 games unbeaten in all comps.He went onto say “We have had a very successful month considering we are concentrating on training,we are sitting 2nd in league which was roughly our aim after 5 games but I ‘m mainly pleased to see that we have reached Rd7 of the Wales Cup for the 2nd season running as well as seeing our 2 youth products make the U20’s squad”.

Broxi goes on to say “I do however feel that we will have sterner tests in the next few weeks (lge/cup) which will allow us to see how far we are progressing regarding players and training,money is available as I feel we need 1 maybe 2 more players to bolster our squad as well as slotting into our training plans”.


Monthly Report (December)

SC2 held their monthly report for December last night.

The chairman of the club (Broxi) opened proceedings by wishing his supporters and fans of the club a Happy New Year and he hopes you all have a successful year.

He went onto to club matters and spoke about the clubs future and what their ambitions are for the coming seasons in 2014.

First he congratulated Gwyddno Meryrick (381052591) who looks to have established himself as a regular member of U20’s Cymru squad this month,it cannot be said of Allan Rowland (380667686) who came thru the reserves with Gwyddno as he seems to be overlooked but we still have high hopes of a call up.

He (Broxi) went onto speak about the future”We will concentrate on our training this season as we need to improve our players in certain areas,although there is money available we feel the squad is well equipped to sustain another top 4 finish this season and then hopefully look to the following season for promotion”.


Monthly Report (November)

SC 2 have held their monthly report for November,as usual Chairman Broxi opened proceedings in front of his members and peeps.
Broxi opened by saying “This season in a whole has been a success in its own way,we managed to finish 3rd in what was a very competitive league and we reached Rd 8 for the 1st time in the Wales Cup.
This season in the league was hampered by team selections due to our priorities regarding 2 youth players Meyrick (381052591) and Rowland (380667686) who now seem destined for the Welsh U20’s but that takes nothing away from our opponents they were better on the day.Regarding these players mentioned more of the same will follow for the forthcoming season so I won’t be expecting anything better.
As for transfers in and out there will be no new signings and only youths will be going out.We feel that we have a strong enough squad to stay in III for another 2 seasons

I (Broxi) finish by wishing all our peeps a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year


Monthly Report (October)

SC2 held their monthly report on the night of Halloween in front of a crowd of ghouls,witches,spooks and all other weird creatures,and as usual at the helm was Broxi.

Broxi opened proceedings by thanking those peeps who decided to dress up for the report,he then went onto more important issues regarding the club.

I (broxi) would like to say that over the past 2 months the club has been in a developing stage due to our 2 youth players who have U20’s potential and because of that we have seen some poor results along the way,although we did manage to reach the last 16 of the Wales Cup only to narrowly lose 3-2 in ET so that itself was rewarding.
We feel the time is right to build for the future and with the infrastructure we have within the club should help us do that.We know this season has not gone to plan but hopefully another season or 2 in this Div should enhance our progress,so with that in mind I ask you to bear with us throughout this transitional period and look forward.


No September Report

SC2 would like to apologise to their peeps for not holding their Monthly Report for September this was due to work commitments and a short break away.

Broxi goes on record saying “The month of September seemed to just go by without warning and now were nearing the end of October. I feel its time I got this club back to the way it was.I take full responsibility for neglecting the club in Sept with one thing or another and not sharing with our peeps what has been happening,I can assure you that October’s report will bring you all up to speed in what has been going on in and around SC2”.

Many thanks for your support and we look forward to you following our club for many more seasons.

October’s report will be held on the 1st of November


Monthly Report (August)

SC2 held their monthly report

Broxi (chairman) opened proceedings as usual in front of a packed auditorium,and although looking rather restless the audience sat patiently waiting for Broxi’s comments.

Broxi went onto say “My peeps once again DivII seems to have got the better of us,and although this time round losing out in a qualifier we can be pleased with the season and look forward to the season ahead.We have learned a lot from our time in DivII and although not many mistakes were made this time round we feel as if we are not strong enough in 1or 2 positions,so rather than ponder on what might have been SC2 will regroup this season”.
Broxi continued “Having released a couple of players due to high wage demands,we have also decided to replace them with players we can train, firstly being 21yr old Berberi a £1.75M winger who will develop with the training given,we also hope to have a influential P/M signed before this evenings Cup deadline”.
We look forward to DIVIII.12


Monthly Report (July)

SC2 today held their monthly report for July.

Broxi opened proceedings by congratulating the team on a superb month which sees the club sitting in 2nd place of (16626) although at time of report the club are still not guaranteed DivII football next season,but with 3 games to go they’ll be hoping they achieve the points required.

Broxi goes onto say “We are particularly pleased with the way the training is progressing this season as well as the seniors being trained we have two U20’s prospects in Meyrick(381052591) and Rowland(380667686) and with Sean “The Goalie” Andrews receiving training too makes it all worth while.

Onto to transfer news for this month we managed to sign Danish playmaker Kaj Hastrup who will in the future become our coach,this was a shrewd piece of business because Kaj hails from the same hometown as Michael Laudrup so were hoping he has the same kind of magic.

Broxi closed the meeting by thanking the peeps for their support.


Monthly Report (June)

04-07-2013 (8/52) Monthly Report (June)
SC2 today held their monthly report for June,and was chaired by the chairman Broxi in front of what looked like a more relaxed assembly of peeps.

Broxi opened matters by reciting last months minutes which were solely devoted to how dis-grunted our peeps had become after our start to the season in (16626) and our early exit from the cup.

Broxi went onto say “With all that behind us, this month has seen us produce the kind of form that got us into the Div in the 1st place and having won 4 out of 5 this month sees us leap into 3rd place,that my fellow peeps is what we as a club stride for”. There was rapturous applaud from the peeps and chants of “BROX’EE,BROX’EE and after a few mins of calming down Broxi continued by saying “Not only am I pleased with the way the club has turned itself around but I too applaud you and our supporters for sticking by us thru those straits that are broad and narrow”.

Broxi closed the meeting with nothing else to add….


Monthly Report (May)

SC2 today held their monthly report for May almost a week late due to unrest amongst board and supporters wanting answers.

Under pressure Broxi (chairman) opened the report by apologizing for the way the club has been allowed to be dragged into a pit of disarray.

He went onto say “I feel solely responsible for matters on and off the pitch,we knew how tough this season was going to be as we don’t have the experience on the playing side but that doesn’t give us the excuse for letting you the fans down”.
He goes on “As for the Cup exit trainer Vives made a judgemental error regarding selection but stands by his training programme set out for this season and for that we applaud him,its not the end although it feels like it sometimes.The one plus on our side is that there seems to be 2 or 3 teams rebuilding this season in the league so we can take some heart from that and look to maybe finish 5 or 6..We know how dis-grunted you all can be but together we can make SC2 better”.