End of an Era (February)

(12:05) End of an Era….

SC2 have held their last monthly report (February) at the request of the club and chairman (Broxi) today.This action was not taking lightly but the club feel that there seems to be a lack of interest nowadays amongst supporters and peeps.

Broxi goes onto to say “We the club have decided to relinquish these reports as over the past couple of months only a couple of thumbs up have been seen on these reports and therefore we feel it would be better to use the time elsewhere”.

Broxi goes on to say “Its not to say its the end of the reports as we will be holding a mid-season as well as an end of the season report which will allow our supporters the opportunity to see how the season is progressing as well as how the season finished”.

A tearful Broxi finished said “I for one would like to thank all those supporters who have followed SC2 over the seasons within these reports and hope you continue to at least peep in now and again to see if there are any changes within the club”.

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