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Cheers and farewell
He was part of the team when it was founded and today, twelve seasons later, he will hook his boots as a professional football player. Let’s see which words Sir Schluurggi found to honor him. Dear friends, followers and supporters I have the gr (More)
Nominees proved themselves
A week ago Marcel Nuehrich proved his nomination, when he scored four goals in the derby against Reinach Rangers at the Mill. This week four more nominees proved themselves. It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon, when the Gold Rushers traveled to Z (More)
Golden League Week
The whole week was golden! RJs reached a draw against the Nippies and the first squad made a fantastic game against AC Zee Lee K.O. which ended in a wonderful 2-1 win. RJs faced the team of Polomint YA, which they accompanied from division three to (More)
Near and far off, at once
The number of people was not little, who believed that the Gold Rushers would earn nine points out of the three latest matches. “Success is failure turned inside out- The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell how close you are (More)
RJs satisfied, FCR don't!
RJs had to place emphasis on their tendency while the Gold Rushers had to react after the ‘almost’ defeat of last weekend. “We are tired of these ups and downs! We have to get rid of it and show that we’re able to be one of the better teams!” That’s (More)
second round
Only two matches have been arranged for the second round in the FCB forever Cup in Group C, and both ended with clear results. During preparation for today’s report we wondered how it could happen that two teams failed setting an appointment to play (More)
first round
Forgotten orders, injuries and a perfect start; this could be a short summary of the first round in the FCB forever Cup. The three games of our group should start nearly at the same time. The game between Bruderholz and Geiseneier started five minut (More)
Pure luck
“I’m sorry but if we win a game this week you have to be patient until Saturday and hopefully we’ll be able to earn something in the derby against Reinach Rangers. But hey, if there should happen any miracles, I won’t be sad.” These were the words o (More)
Focus on our business
Regarding the latest strange news from other Golden League clubs, presidents and players (once more) it’s nearly impossible to stay focused on the more or less important games of FCR. But this is exactly what Sir Schluurggi, the manager of the Gold (More)
Back in Town
It’s nearly three weeks since we posted the last story on this blog, and it was a extremely short one. Now it’s time to bring things ‘à jour’! But it’s not very easy to find the right way to get started with that, so many things happened while our m (More)
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