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Roger Federer At MS Park?
The local press was in a hurry as rumors said that the worlds best tennis player ever Roger Federer was attending the evening training at MS Park today. Rumors was right. Switzerland's biggest sport attraction was in Odense, not to sign a contract a (More)
Angola Flag - away
Thanks to Pink Palanca and its manager Pink_Palanca   More)
Iceland Flag - home
Thanks to FC Oli and its manager olimarh   More)
Luxembourg Flag - home
Thanks to Bereldange United and its manager mickmack   < (More)
Friendly game at Emporion Circus: Defeat / Partit amistós a l'Emporion Circus: Derrota
Today we have played against CLAUDIO and we lose the friendly game 0-5. Good job done till we made multiple changes in the team by the end of the game which lead us to recei (More)
Iceland Flag - away
Thanks to lulu patrò and its manager douver.     More)

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