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Recent talks about Golden League awakens nostalgia.
X-Team officials confirmed today the rumors about Xuturo spending around 12 million euros to acquire  4 new players whit the hope of a GL comeback. Most expensive player was keeper Adrian Mihalache [playerid=391873541].  Almost 4 million euros wer (More)
Final push for the gold
The current season for Brann can be summed up with pretty much only one word, disappointing. Brann failed to impress twice during the initial half of the season, when they lost to Beer-frogs and long time rivals Stord. But, with a pretty fortunate tu (More)
HT Storyline Collide With Historic Day
What was mend to be a hard, but fun, story about two teams from England and India - A story of managers whom have had many great word feuds on HU. A match in a, not so friendly, friendly tournament, going on for six plus years now is now something e (More)
Saxons Bury Rochdale
It was the game to totally humiliate their opponents and firmly cement the club's credentials as significant title contenders with two games to go. The Lost Saxons beat Rochdale United 3-0 on Sunday evening to cause the rival club owner to go into me (More)
From The Playgrounds To III.Series
Football Club Tranquebar continue to strengthen the squad as they welcome three new faces in the main squad. In the last 3 weeks the club has said goodbye to a handful of player and the fans has seen new players like Mundra, Anand, Butt, More and Sa (More)
Farroni Adresses The Media - LIVE
Former Mejores' coach Christian Farroni has called for a press conference at the GL Headquarters in Odense. He's expected to announce his confirmation as the new GL President and to adress the Rochdale-Saxons feud among other situations. We'll be pro (More)
Change Incoming in the GL?
GL-TV Brazil has learned this week that former Mejores coach Christian Farroni has been confirmed as the new GL Council President in a secret vote held by its members over the past weekend. More)
MSO/FCT Chairman Hojris In Drunken Stunt?
This image purports to show HTUM Fed founder Hojris in a drunken stupor: is all as it seems? An image was mailed through to HUP this evening, apparently showing MSO and Football Club Tranquebar President and HTUM Federation Founder Johnny 'Hoj (More)
RU Serious?
Have you seen the latest attempt at serious journalism from Rochdale United? We have, and we think there are a few typos. The article, entitled 'Mayhem cranks up the rivalry' is surely riddled with mistakes as we feel it should read as 'Mayhem cra (More)
The Upstarters Return
Report by Kenneth Lamba, former Lost Saxons "What heroes! What a club! I'm proud to be President of The Lost Saxons!" - Aldopaolo Peroni This was the quote after The Lost Saxons (then based on Sudurøy) beat FC Tranquebar 4-1 in the semi-final of Th (More)
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