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Oceania and Nippon clash to be hosted at Minerveca Avenue
As part of the celebrations of the new Lysdexic Stadium and its dedication to Minerveca, Oceania Football Federation officials have decided to honour Minerveca at Oceania's next National Team fixture, against Nippon, this Friday night. The match, to (More)
Minerveca Avenue Unveiled
Lysdexic Untied's brand new stadium was officially opened today. The new stadium, named Minerveca Avenue, has a maximum capacity of 60,000 people and club management hopes it will see the club through to division four and beyond. [caption id="atta (More)
Mid Season Team Review
This season's cup run has been Lysdexic's best run to date. Making it to round 6 was an awesome effort by the team and having four home games meant that some money could be spent on vital changes in preparation for promotion at the conclusion of the (More)
Kangas Get Bounced
Arden Street Oval, Sunday - It was the top of the table clash. It was the first of two matches that would decide the Oceania fifth division league V.155 title and it was shaping up to be a pressure cooker match. Both teams had unbeaten runs up to thi (More)
Lysdexic Smoke Stoners!
Speeling Stadium, Wednesday - Lysdexic Untied have caused the upset of the season by taking down Stoners United in this week's fourth round Oceania National Cup match. The much more fancied Stoners United, who are the number one team in Oceania's fou (More)
Stalag 13 Blitzkrieg!
Stalag 13, Sunday - What was expected to be a very interesting and possibly close match in the Oceania League on Sunday has ended up in a total drubbing. Lysdexic Untied, looking to assert their authority on the league early this season,  completely (More)
Lokomotiv Frustrate Lysdexic
Speeling Stadium, Sunday - Lysdexic Untied were held frustratingly to a 1-0 win over fellow fifth division league team Lokomotiv Stani on the weekend. A packed out Speeling Stadium was on hand to see a fired up Lysdexic Untied, who had just won mid-w (More)
Lysdexic Amend for Slow Cup Start
The Arena, WA, Wednesday - Lysdexic Untied made amends for their sluggish start to the Oceania Cup on Wednesday with an 8-0 thumping of the Administrator-led club Wellsys Mob. The sixth division Western Australian team didn't have any answer for the (More)
Season Opener Goal Feast
Speeling Stadium, Sunday - Lysdexic United started season 35 with a bang on Sunday, with a healthy goal feast against the administration led Porirua. The stadium was near capacity for the first round clash of the season, with fans of both teams filli (More)
Primera jornada
El Bologna empieza con buen pié su nueva andadura en V serie. En un partido donde las defensa prevalecian sobre los ataque y donde el mediocampo estaba bastante igualado, solo pudo desbloquear el resultado una banda titánica del Bologna, tuviendo (More)
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