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The winning streak continues
Last post was about our last loses. But now situation is different. The next 4 league matches we didn't known what is loss. Our start was slower when we tied 1:1 with Sokol Žalkovice at our stadium. Next two matches we won the same result 6:1 wi (More)
Stenlake comments on Kotakis
Sorry, but I can't say much about his statement. I was too busy laughing to read anything. You have to agree with me. A man with a past like his, of so many scandals, trying give us a moral lesson? You have to laugh! (More)
Stenlake: For a Better India?
The polemical declarations that were atributed to the Tricolor president, Lindsay Stenlake, have risen the tensions between the club and FC Tranquebar. Talking about the Indian team, Stenlake said: I'm not really sure about FCT's purpose in India. (More)
Interview - 'Unstoppable' Inam
At the age of 28, he's at the top of the world. Finally doing what he was born to do, More)
The first league victory
Finally our team won in the league. Match about the last place we mastered. FC Prague Slivers - Slavia Prague 4:0 We hit in the last minutes at the end of both ha (More)
Mr. Carmeli reacts
Right after the press-conference at JMA ended, Mr. Elisha Carmeli talked to the journalist about all the crazy stuff that happened there. Well, first (More)
The worst start to season in history
Start to this season everybody will want to forget. After a big victory in CUP come fall. :-( FC Prague Slivers - FC Sokol Kozolupy 3:5 First match in a new seas (More)
Aguado answers Casaburi
He says he wants respect and that he's a fair-play lover, but the truth is that he's a liar. When we More)
Interview: Clodoaldo Aguado
He isn't the biggest star from Mejores, nor one of the most famous players in the Golden League, but after 3 seasons in the reserve team of Mejores Clodoaldo Aguado is about to take an important role in the next glorious phase of the Brazilian club. (More)
We will finish on the 3rd place
Incredible!! We won a Prague derby and so we will finish on the 3rd place in our 1st season in IV. league. FC Prague Slivers - AC Vostnatej drát 4:2 Almost full s (More)
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