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The Impossible Turnabout
The referee blew the final whistle. The fans looked disappointed at the scoreboard, and left the stadium with . The game between Brann and Nightwish had just concluded, and after a horrible performance by the Reds, they had lost another match. Togeth (More)
In cloud nine or in misery?
Last season was filled with suspense and stress for the Brann head coach Jes Steinicke, as the team's performances never met the expectations. Another stress factor for Steinicke was the earlier very media-shy director of football, nicknamed "The Pha (More)
Metros do enough to avoid relegation play-off.
Very much a case of 'job done' once again in V.219 for The Dublin Metros - a commendable third-place finish left players, management & fans with good vibes following the final-day 1-1 draw with Cespón B at Bull Meadows in front of a near-capacity (More)
Relegation? But Ambitions Is Still Very High.
Yesterday Tranquebar lost 3:6 but don't be fooled by the result. Tranquebar had a chance to take the win in the first 90 minutes. It was only in extra time that the always strong Krosnianka Karpaty Krosno ran with the victory. "Tamil Warrior", and t (More)
No sleep for Steinicke
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="576" class=" "] A lot of things must be going through Steinicke's head these days, even during night time.[/caption] The storm has passed. But another big wave has just built itself up, ready to tear down (More)
On The Right Track Toward I-League
"Last season we got a perfect start to the season. This season we have to fight in every game, but make no mistake about it. We are on the right track and we will succeed" according to The Tharamgambadi Local, these are the words from one of the (More)
Florescu, Tomas Florescu
The sixth season in the history of Football Club Tranquebar is coming to an end. It has been the most successful season til now. A lot of luck and 15 league goals from Narendra 'Khalifah' Jindal was some of the reasons for the unexpected season r (More)
4th place finish exceeds expectations.
Few fans would have dared to dream of this day at the start of the season however our beloved Metros, led by coach Bruno Anulo, find themselves comfortably clear of any relegation worries at the end of their 1st season in V.219. And while the 4-1 (More)
Report: z@niz fc 1 SJFC 0
The club's hopes of lifting their first ever league title was dashed after they were beaten 1-0 by z@niz fc in the title decider today. Needing a win to ensure they overtake the host and become the series champions, SJFC set up the game by hasslin (More)
Report: SJFC 9 Pintu United 0
Hazmi Ahmad scored his first senior hattrick and Manish Jonnala get a goal on his senior debut on an eventful league match against Pintu United which ended with a comfortable 9-0 win for SJFC at Stadium Lintas today. Youth academy graduate Jonnala (More)
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