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Dragoes de Joanesburgo v Orange Crush FC (1-0)
This match was a tough one to swallow. We had the right to play a qualification match after winning the title for season 42. We decided to play a 5-4-1 and lose the midfield on purpose for the match. They like to always come out in a 5-3-2 and counte (More)
Rising Tide v Orange Crush FC (0-0)
Another clash between the Johannesburg rivals ended in a nil-nil draw last weekend. The result was not good enough for auto-promotion, hence we have a tough qualification match next weekend to determine if we move up to Div3. The match was tough to g (More)
The Rivalry of Orange Crush FC and Rising Tide
I'm writing this special post today because later tonight, I will be facing Rising Tide, who is my arch-rival to my team Orange Crush FC. Rising Tide's owner is my brother and we have had some historical clashes the last 3 seasons. Ever since we star (More)
Orange Crush FC v FC German Springboks (1-1)
A very disappointing result this weekend. We drew 1-1 against an opponent we have been able to handle in the past. It went the same way as our other draw during the season against SAB Miller Mooks. I won midfield comfortably and had many, many chance (More)
Mental Shooters v Orange Crush FC (0-9)
We officially clinched the title after thrashing Mental Shooters at there place. We now have won back-to-back titles and accomplished one of our goals going into the season. We pretty much knew we were going to win, so we came out in a different form (More)
Orange Crush FC v Soccer Teltow 75 (5-0)
A very nice result today as we take care of the boys Soccer Teltow 75. The 5-0 result continues our place on top of the table with 31 points. We both came out in a 3-5-2, to try to dominate the possession. We pretty much felt like we had the game in (More)
killer pirates v Orange Crush FC (1-6)
A very nice victory on the road this past week to get a very important 3 points. We were somewhat concerned with the new team killer pirates, since we haven't played against them at all, and at this point of the season, need all the points we can get (More)
Orange Crush FC v SAB Miller Mooks (5-0)
A huge win this weekend against an opponent we have struggled with lately. We win in dominate fashion to the tune of 5-0. A little surprised we got the shutout, but we did run the control of play, like last time, but at least we converted  on most of (More)
3Monsters v Orange Crush FC (3-4)
A classic match, that saw us on top of 3Monsters. A very evenly matched game that honestly could have gone either way. The comeback win was huge for us. We collected a tough 3 points away from home. We played very similar to what we did last week aga (More)
Orange Crush FC v 3Monsters (6-2)
A very nice win last night in front of a sold out crowd. We seemed to boss most of the play, but did give up 2 goals. I was very pleased with how our midfield played. Scoring another 6 goals was another nice surprise as we continue to increase our go (More)
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