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Five are through...
Two match days are done and five teams have already made it to the quarters, while five other failed to keep their chances alive, and there are some surprising facts. There is one group in which every single team still has the chance to compete in t (More)
The Groups are set
Fifteen very interesting and mostly strong teams have joined the tournament and the Gold Rushers themselves complete the balanced starting field for the fourth edition of the Gold Rushers Cup. We like to share our thoughts about who might be the one (More)
Gold Rushers Cup
There have been three very successful and entertaining editions before and it’s time to get the fourth on track: The Gold Rushers Cup is upcoming again, this time in California! The Blue Royals, the Gold Rushers (FC Rünenberg) and AS Uijeongbu 07 (More)
VODKA CUP tournament
  The VODKA CUP has started today. It's a friendly tournament organized by the polish (?) manager mirbar6. He play in the (More)
The Tribute
This is the final week in global season 53. A season shaped by the big success of the Gold Rushers during the early weeks, but overshadowed by their latest defeats. Anyway, we actually think this was the best season of our team so far, and we’re not (More)
Mid-season! It’s time to summarize and to recall. Sir Schluurggi about tournaments, reaching the fifth round in the cup, the Golden League and the actual position in the domestic league: We had an excellent start and the wheel still keeps turnin (More)
The Gold Rushers Cup
This Monday ended the thirteenth campaign in a tournament with the one and only defeat in this global season 53 so far. The final game was lost against MS Odense! The Gold Rushers have reached the final of a tournament for the third time in history, (More)
Mid-season summary
Eight weeks are nearly gone already. The Gold Rushers joined six competitions more or less active and successful. Be our guest and read a short summary about the first half of global season 51. We asked some players to give us a short impression of (More)
different campaings
The Gold Rushers left the Switzerland later than expected, and joined the Golden League for one game last week. This week the sixth edition of the HTUM Challenge Trophy ended for the team situated in the northwest of Switzerland, and their third appe (More)
League of VI
This is an tournament for the lowest leagues of every country, an league for teams that have not gone up an division since they started with Hattrick for their current team. (More)
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