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As the referee Inocencio Prada blew the whistle to announce the end of the game against Park The Bus, The Tricolor fans could finally celebrate. The draw, helped the Warriors to reach 37 points in the table, 5 away from the Channel Islands team, which means The Londoner Tricolor has won it’s first championship.

“I’m very happy today”, said coach Fitzpatrick on the after-match conference, “We had an awesome year and this title is just the beggining of a beautiful history”

The Tricolor had an impressive campaing this season, with 12 victories in 13 matches on the league and only 2 goals conceded. Coach Fitzpatrick is considered the key to success, as he managed to pull the best from former YA players and veterans.

Now, the club will focus on the battlle for the first place in Golden League and for the promotion to the V league.


The Great Wall of London

14th Century – After being defeated in the Battle of Tumu, the Ming decide to build several walls along the northern border of China, forcing their enemies to keep away. The Great Wall of China was born.

The Present – After being appointed as The Tricolor’s coach, Chris Fitzpatrick creates a plan: he’ll prevent the opponents from scoring to be succesfull. The Great Wall of London was born.

After eight games in the league without conceding goals it has been proved that Old man’s plan is everything he hoped for.

He took about 2 seasons, but he managed to build a strong defence that is the key to the success of the team in the league and in the Golden League. The quality of the the defence is such, that some journalists and supporters have started to call the back five plus goalkeeper Tarawaly as the Great Wall of London, in an analogy to the Chinese famous monument and once their greatest defence against the foreign armies.

What makes things even more incredible is that Fitzpatrick has already fielded 12 different players in defensive positions and still, the team kept it’s high standards. The spotlight, however, goes to the regular starters: Tarawaly, Hodgton, Sneesby, Martin, Ralson and Smithson, being five of them homegrown players. Asked if that was the key to their success, Martin replied:

Definetely. It’s of a great help the fact that we’ve known each other for years and that we’ve been playing together for a while now. You add that to Coach Fitzpatrick instructions and you have our magical formula

(Top) Tarawaly
(Left to Right) Hodgton, Ralson, Martin, Sneesby and Smithson

Some of the facts might be historically imprecise


Chapter 5: Cheers to Us

As I got in the car, I had a lot of questions, but Terry Leask didn’t want to answer any. “All the answers will come Kenneth, just be patient”, he said. I couldn’t do much, so I just sitted there, looking through the windows to the beautiful city around them.

When the car arrived to what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse, Leask stepped down the car and asked me to stay inside. A few minutes later, another car arrived and to my surprise Mr. Peroni was accompanied by a police officer. He conducted Peroni to the front of the car where Terry was waiting.

– Here he is boss, just like you asked – said the policeman
– What else do you want from me your bastard? You already took my niece, my lovely Sophia, you killed her! – Peroni thundered
– As far as the police knows, no I didn’t. You did! – Leask made a signal to the cop – Joaquín? – He grabbed an envelope
– Everything that proves Mr. Peroni killed Sophia is in here.
Hijo de una pu…
– Calm down Mr. Peroni. Joaquín here is a very… “jumbled” man and he might lost the envelope with the proofs at any moment. If he come across with a bag full of money for example he might accidentally throw it away…
– How much do you want?
– I want it all Mr. Peroni, I want it all!!!

The most powerful man in Lower Silesia was really angry, but he made a call and about 30 minutes later a third car arrived. A strong, tall guy got a bag and gave to Mr. Peroni, who throwed it to Leask. He looked inside of it, grabbed a small amout of money and gave it to Joaquín who innocently throwed the envelope with the proofs to Peroni. The policeman, then, got inside his car and drove away. Terry smiled to Peroni and before tuning to our car said:

– It was a pleasure to negotiate with you, Al.
– Leask?… I want you to know, that I’ll hunt you down… and I’ll kill you.
– Good luck with that, Al

I had even more questions that I had before, but Leask, once again, asked me to be patient.

Our courrier took us to the airport where a private jet was waiting for us. He stopped near a big piece of metal, attached to the jet, the stairs, I recognized. And on the top of the stairs, waiting us with a bottle of champange… Sophia Peroni.

– Terry, did you make it? – she yelled
– Yes, honey, I did.

During the next hour, the answer Leask had promised were given. He and Sophia, explained me how she always knew that her Uncle Al had been the responsible for her parents death, how she always wanted revenge and how Mr. Peroni tried to kill Leask when she discovered that he was in love with her lovely niece. They also told me about the plan they had made to get all Peroni’s money to themselves and to run away together, and how their plan changed when Terry saw that I was looking for them, making him convince her to get me in. And to end, he made me a question:

– Are you in, old friend?
– Oh, Terry…

To Al, with love!


Chapter 4: The Mystery of The Lighter

I was sitting in a bar, drinking a few beers and trying to forget the hard day I had, when my phone rang. I took another swig and answered the call. A voice with a strong accent started to talk. It was Juan, a local police officer I had “hired” to update me on everything they found about the fire at Sophia’s house. I wasn’t expecting him to call that early, especially with the news he had. They hadn’t found a body, but Sophia was presumably dead, probably she burnt until nothing of her was left. A terrible way to die. But that wasn’t all…

The CSIs had found a lighter, which they were sure was what had started the fire. The lighter was from a very specific brand, only sold on Eastern Europe, but, what really intriguied then, were the letters recorded on the side of it. A.P. Aldopaolo Peroni quickly came to my mind as the only possible name to match those initials, but Mr. Peroni? Why would he burn Sophia’s house? He seemed so worried about her. Nah, that couldn’t be. I asked my “insider” if I could take a look at the lighter myself and we arranged a meeting.

I payed my beer and asked for a taxi. As I was waiting for it to come, I tried to phone Mr. Peroni, but no one answered the phone. As I was dialing his number for the 4th time a black car stopped in front of me, certainly it wasn’t the taxi. A courier left the car and opened the back door, inviting me to get in. I looked inside the car and saw a… familiar face.

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Chapter 3: A Trip to America

Chapter 3 follows the story from where FCR’s blog stopped

That call was… unexpected, to say the least. Mr. Peroni, was all excited, telling me he had wonderful news. I asked him to calm down, and asked him what was going on. “Sophia”, he said, “She was seen in Montevideo”. I was shocked, I told him what Georg had found out, and how I was just going to board a plane to Uruguay. The excitment about the possibility of my journey coming to an end was so big, that I almost didn’t realize that the plane was about to depart and I hadn’t board it yet. Luckily, a gentle lady warned me. I said to Peroni I had to go and turned off the phone.

During the flight, I started to wonder what was going on. An English diplomat, Sophia, Leask? How could all that mess come up together? Well, I guess I was about to figure out.

I landed at Ángel S. Adami airport, and was received by one of Peroni’s associates. He updated me about the last happenings, while his chauffeur drove us to Sophia’s house. She had been seen on her
neighborhood, by and old friend of the Peroni family, who had heard the news and was worried about the little girl, he once met. He didn’t manage to talk to her, but he said she was wearing a hood and sunglasses, like if she didn’t want to be recognized.

Unfortunately, the twist that came after was a bit too much for me. As we arrived to Ciudad Vieja, we saw that there were lots of fire trucks and police mens around. We kept going, untill a guy dressed like a cop stopped us and told something to our chauffer. My Spanish is not all that good, but I could catch a word: fuego, fire.

There was a house on fire at the end of the street. Sophia’s house. No victims were found, but even so… I was back to where it all began.


Chapter 2: The Man in Green

I woke up in a dark room. My hands were tied to the chair I was in. No one could be seen. I started to yell for help, and two guys came into the room. They told me to calm down. I didn’t. One of them punched me on the face and I got back to my forced sleep.

This time when I woke up, the room was full. There were around 8 mans inside there, but one of them grabbed my attention. He was wearing a green suit and looked extremely familiar. Everyone looked up to him, like if he was the boss. He started to talk, he had a funny accent:

-Finaly awoken! We have a lot to talk about.
-What do you want with me?
-I wanna know where my niece is!!! And you’re going to tell me everyone you know!
-I don’t know anything about your niece you crazy f*ck
-That’s a lie. You were at her kidnapper’s house!
-… Wait a minute, I know who you are. You’re that guy from Revival!
-Yes! And these guys around me? These are my friends at the polish mob, and you wanna know something? They don’t like liars. So, you better start talking.
-Ok, ok. I was at Leask’s house, because he’s my friend and I wanted to know what’s going on with him, but as you probably realized, he wasn’t there!
-You seem to be speaking the truth. Unfortunately, you know too much… Boys, could you get rid of our friend here?

I panicked, that man had just ordered my death. Fortunately, I had a plan.

-Wait… Mr Peroni… That’s your name, right?… Peroni, what if I propose a deal?
-What kind of deal?
-You let me go and in exchange I help you to find your niece.
-And why should I accept your offer? I have a lot of contacts in the underworld who can help me to find her.
-Sure, but if she’s with Leask as you said (and everything points to it), there’s no one better than me to find her. I know him since I was a boy. I know how he thinks and acts.
-Alright, you convinced me. Boys? Untie my new business partner.

Finaly, I was free!

-I guess you should know, my niece was last seen in Switzerland. I will lend you my plane, you should start your search as soon as possible.
-Switzerland? Let it be then!
-But, if you try anything to escape, or don’t go after Leask! I will find you and I won’t be as nice as I was today.

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Chapter 1: When a Man Goes Missing

It was late at night, probably around 1 a.m., I was at the pub, drinking a lot to forget another bad day. Lately, it had became a tradition, ever since my wife cheated on me and the club announced I’d be fired by the end of the season, I could be found there, at the same old, creepy pub. That day wasn’t different… Well, untill Big Joe, the pub owner, turned the TV on, at the GL-TV, and the anchorman started to recite the latest news. Between the same old headlines, like “Los Mejores win another game” and “Revival is defeated again”, something grabbed my atention. Terry Leask was missing.

Leask was my friend, an old friend of my brother, who had become my friend too. He was the one to tell me about the possibility to play soccer professionaly, and to get me a test on the Tricolor when he became the team coach. But now he was missing. I had to do something! I decided to visit the club, I hadn’t gone there very much recently, when you know you’re going to be fired you loose the will to work.

As I said, it was late, so, the only person that was there was the club old janitor, Norris. He told me the same stuff I had seen in TV, no one had seen Leask since the last league game and together with him 50.000 pounds from the club account were gone too. Not very usefull.

My next stop was Leask’s house, to my surprise, he still kept the reserve key under the carpet, so I didn’t have much trouble to get in. His house was empty, except for the fireplace where some burned paper layed down. I stepped closer. The now burned papers seemed to be letters, but they were irrecognizable.

Frustrated, I decided it was better to go home, rest a little bit, and try to find Leask on the following day. But when I was leaving my friend house, out of a sudden, everything turned black and I felt.


‘Old Man’ replaces Leask

After waiting for more than a week, club decides to replace missing coach

It’s now official, after waiting for Leask comeback the Tricolor president, Mr. Stenlake decided enough time had passed and appointed Chris Fitzpatrick as the new club trainer. ‘Old Man’, is a 36yo Englishman, who had been hired at the begging of the season to be the team captain. He was present in the 14 matches the club played in the league last season.

On the other side, Leask, continues missing. The police has already been informed, but is pessimistic about the chances of finding him. Some rumors say that Mr. Peroni’s (yes, the one from RR) niece might be involved, but nothing official has been said about her involvment in the case.


Have you seen Leask?

No one has seen the Tricolor coach for 3 days

It’s been three days since the Tricolor coach, Terry Leask, was last seen in public. Although they won’t admit in public, the club board is starting to get worried since they haven’t found him anywhere, not even in his house. Leask, that had supposedly alleged to be sick, missed the daily training session of the last two days, but was expected to command the team against Bellevue Barrage in Australia.

Coincidentally, or not, his absence happens at the same time the board started to investigate the disappearance of 50,000 pounds of the club account. The police hasn’t yet been informed about any of the cases, but will most likely be, if Leask and the money don’t show up soon.

Have you seen this man?

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