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New season – Second Team – Team News

And finally we reached the season end with main objective, the promotion, under the belt and with the feeling of a well done season, prepared and executed as what I thought. Win the higher number of games until gather the points enough to get the promotion and after that sell all players until they worth good money and specially because most of them were now really oldies with more than 30 years old…

So, reach promotion on 12nd round was perfect and that gave me two weeks to do my players selling within the best period of the season to trade, before the off season when the prices drop to much. I already sold them all with the exception of the keeper for a total amount of 18 millions…more or less the same they cost me the season before, so a breakeven and of course the losing of loyalty…but I`ve been doing this process in the last 3 seasons with good results (3 promotions from the VI th division until III rd), so, let`s try it once again and this time will try to invest in younger players, probably not so talented and with lower skills but good enough to training and grew up some levels until being sold and with some profit, I hope.

I already checked my new series and it will be III.8. Much difficult than the IVth division, of course, and with all teams very competitive and full of good players…It will be difficult to decide for what position shall I fight: promotion, top four,avoid relegation or condemned right now…I will check it on the next week and decide the best approach.

And on 3rd of May I will finally have access to my second team. It will be settled in Paraguay, a country with 5 divisions, not so many active teams (about 600) and a good chance to do better than I did until now in Portugal in 6 years of Hattrick…being for the first time in IIIrd division isn`t a great achievement, I know that…and my goal in Paraguay will be definetly to reach top League and be one of the best Teams on that country, avoiding same mistakes did in the past with my original team.

The name choosed for my adventure in Paraguay will be – Portuguay Thunders (a mix of Portugal and Paraguay on the name :-).

Being a country where the language is the Spanish it will be really nice to me because I can manage well talking and write…and a good opportunity to improve my skills on the foruns and sharing info with locals.

This new project will start after tomorrow and I will decide my best strategy to get a strong team in the shorter time I can…this for sure means I will be a trader in the beginning, hopefully one with many buys and sells to get money and better players as the time goes by. A nice training plan (probably short passes) and a good coach will be mandatory. Let`s see what we can do…One thing I can say to You: the will and excitment as a beginner is granted…Let the adventure begin!!!


Another win and now twelve in a row

Great news for this team with another win, the twelve in a row, and the goal of promotion achieved.

Now we can say it loud”we reach III th division” for the first time in our club existence.

It`s for sure a moment of joy and celebration and at the end we feel our team was a little more in conditions to win, be slightly better than all competitors. And the feeling of task done, with two games to play until the season ends, it`s for sure a relief to me. And of course it permits to start planning next season in all terms, specially player sales, new buys, expectations about the series we will be draw and possible cup carrear…So many things to start thinking…and that`s nice.

Probably this is the ain we all, as Hattrick players, want to our path here…go far, to upper divisions and do our best…Seems I`m doing things right until now…So, to keep it going I will try to sell all my team and buy a new one, younger players, if possible multiskill, in special with playmaking skills, a nice attack and strong defense (something upper than supernatural will be great). For me the new season starts today ;P


Game eleven — Eleven wins in a raw

This weekend we visited União da Rebimba for another away game. It was, at priori, a difficult game because the home team has a good defense and a strong attack. The weakest sector was in fact the midfield and I decided to populate mine to be in advantage and at least be in equal status in defense and attack.

Fortunately the tactic worked just fine and was enough to control the game from beginning till the end with 8 chances, 3 of them become goals and only one against even if this one was goal too. So, a final result of 3-1 fo our colours was a good achievement.

We keep our aim of promotion, now with eleven games made and 3 points in all of them. I believe we already got enough points for promotion but will try to gather a few more to avoid any surprise…After that, all team will be sell and we try to get profit to prepare next season:-)


Perfect victory

A nice and easy victory, much more easy than I was expecting. A valuable opponent but seems he decided for a PIC tactic to face the rest of season games in better condition. I take advantage of that and now my team it`s only at the distance of 3 points to reach direct promotion to III division.

4 games to go…one down today.

My strategy will be to start selling the oldies I have on team and hopefully try to get some money from the sellings…I llike to be a trader and the future of this team in upper divisions depends of a solid structure with younger players and specially lower wages.

Keep it going Thunder!!!


5 games to season ends…

We are in 1st place with some confortable advantage for the 2nd place (8 points) and it`s our aim to get direct promotion asap…I think this season it will be enough 33 points to get it without playoff game to achieve III division, so we are right now at a distance of two wins to celebrate. Next match, even if it`s in our home field, will need some care because our opponent has a valuable team with good ratings in all sectors. Hopefully I will be able to have a little more and at the end I hope this will be enough to win and only remains another win to celebrate.

Let`s see what happens. Our team it`s in full power, without banned or injured players!!!



And here we go to IV division / E cá vamos nós para a IVª divisão

The last season was terrific with great achievements on the Cup with a new record reaching 11 round and direct promotion to the upper division with low difficult, being much better than the rest of the teams of our series. This new season we put as goals to do similar path on both competitions, trying to go far in Cup and finish first on the Championship, doing at same time money with games, trying to buy low and sell high and be competitive…always!!
A última temporada foi muito boa com óptimos resultados alcançando um novo máximo na taça ao chegarmos à ronda 11 e obtendo a promoção directa para a divisão acima com poucas dificuldades, sendo muito melhor que o resto das equipas desta série. PAra a nova temporada vamos colocar como metas fazer um percurso semelhante em ambas as competições, tentando ir longe na Taça e terminando em primeiro no campeonato, fazendo ao mesmo tempo dinheiro com os jogos, tentando comprar baixo e vendendo alto e sendo competitivo…sempre!!