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Cup Round 1: I love when a plan comes together!

Drammatic season start for TvsY FC, through 1st round in the National Cup after an incredible vicotory signed by penalty shots, against ASD Giardinieri United.

Here the exciting final moment of the match:

There was still no winner after 2-2 of 90’+30 minutes of extra time so the teams had to select a lineup for a penalty contest to settle the result.

Oh, the sweet feet of technical William Panduri… His left one gave Rabbia a lovely goal. 3 – 2.
Giardinier’s Stefano De Giorgi was relaxed as he smoothly put the ball in the net. 3 – 3!
Rabbia’s Matias Acurcio showed he has nerves of steel when it comes to penalty contests, easily changing the score to 4 – 3.
A confident Udi Zandberg of Giardinier put the ball right where he wanted, but Denis Basso Ricci was right there for the save. No goal.
Rabbia’s Giuseppe Ruggerone coolly put the ball past Paolo Visentin. 5 – 3.
Giardinier’s Dani Grimmelikhuijsen was seemingly taken by the gravity of the moment, and produced a badly struck penalty – right into the arms of Denis Basso Ricci. Score still 5 – 3.
Rabbia’s Dumitru-Emanuel Petrescu kept his cool as he faced down Paolo Visentin. His composure paid off as he scored easily for 6 – 3.
Giardinier’s Piotr Gadaczka made no mistake. Denis Basso Ricci didn’t have a chance. 6 – 4.
Rabbia’s Gian Carlo Cartasegna showed he has nerves of steel when it comes to penalty contests, easily changing the score to 7 – 4.
Overwhelmed by the pressure, Giardinier’s Jussi Pokela put the ball right into the waiting arms of Denis Basso Ricci. The scores stays 7 – 4.


Coppa Italia 1° turno:

TormeVsYoshi FC – ASD Giardinieri United: 2-2 (7-4)

Mai come in questa gara “NEVER GIVE UP” il motto di TvsY FC, sembra calzare perfettamente allo spirito dei guerrieri scesi in campo.

Al primo turno di Coppa, grande prova per i nostri, che chiudendo il primo tempo in svantaggio di  2 reti, riescono poi a rimontare grazie ad una grande prova di carattere e agli assoli dei campioni in rosa.

Complimenti all’allenatore, che idovinando i cambi nel secondo tempo riesce a dare piu dinamicità al centrocampo dei padroni di casa.

I fari nel buio sono stati:

Serse Morini, che fa il bello ed il cattivo tempo sulla sua fascia di competenza, permettendo al 62′ a Gian Carlo Cartasegna di accorciare le distanze, 1 a 2.

William Panduri il nuovo acquisto voluto fortemente dal General Manager, che piedi meravigliosi quelli del trequartista, che dopo l’uscita di un Libero Domizzi sottotono e l’intuizione dell’allenatore che lo riposiziona nella zona del campo che piu lo esalta, sulla trequarti d’attacco, il fuoriclasse non si fà attendere dimostrando a tutto lo stadio esultante quali siano le sue capacità, incanta la difesa avversaria insaccando il gol del pareggio.

Scadono i 90′ regolamentari sul 2-2.
Grande nervosismo nei tempi supplementari con rissa in campo, ed espulsione al 99’per Dawid Sobczynski per le file della squadra ospite.
La conclusione dei tempi supplementari, in vista dei rigori, vede l’ingresso della legenda Giuseppe Ruggerone osannato dal pubblico di casa.

La partita si chiude definitivamente ai rigori, dove prevale la maggior esperienza dei giocatori di TvsY FC, grazie al goal decisivo dal dischetto della bandiera di questa squadra,
Giuseppe Ruggerone, vittoria 7-4, i tifosi al Caneda Stadium si scatenano!


Ai microfoni nel dopo partita l’autore del pareggio William Panduri commenta:
Ci godiamo la vittoria ma gia da domani si pensa alla durissima
partita contro Non Mollare Mai in campionato.
L’allenatore intervistato a fine gara visibilmente esultante dichiara:
Vado matto per i piani ben riusciti.


Game, Set and Match!

No, we aren’t at the Central Court of Rolland Garros but at the Prometeo Stadium.
In spite of the storm over Lazio, 15954 Rabbiosi have reached their place on the stands!

Today, TvsY FC has played a mirable match against fano alma Iasi.
Final result is 6 – 0 for us! 😮

Is useless tell you every action of the match, just look the HighLights Table near here. It was a one-way match, 6 goals and 3 not aimed occasion for us, nothing for fano.

Also in this match, there were 2 killer fouls against two our players, thank to the good vibration after the trip to Lourdes, we got only two patches.

This brillant victory let us to get the 2nd place in the serie VIII.191.

Now, some word from the protagonists of the match:

Piede di PietraM. Acurcio:

I’m very excited, today my sinister foot was blessed. Yes, maybe i have a little chance for “Top scorers” trophy.


Today i saw my dream realized, I’m happy this time coach Grebian did not do crap tactic change, like last week. Congrats to him and the guys! Seem I saw our keeper Zaccardi get something from the vendor on the stand, during the match, he is crazy, is incoming a mulct for the unprofessional behavior, and he will go on the trading list from the next week.

From Prometeo Stadium, that’s all! 😉

What a beautiful day!


Travel to Lourdes!

After this terrible week, President and his collaborators have choose to put all the team in retreat.
The President has thought to Lourdes for this retreat, wich better place to challenge the unlucky status about injuries and the wrong tactics of coach O. Grebien.

Now we can analyze the motivation of this choice of the society.

News from the medical center:
– in the first 2 official mathces of the current season, TvsY FC had 3 injured palyers :x, and they are:

This three players are all titulars, and Serse Morini was the most expensive purchase of the last trading session.
Coach Grebien for the next match will have only one wing, the inoxidizable capitan D. E. Petrescu.
The medical staff confirms that we have to wait the 4th turn to see again S. Morini and E. Preiser wear their football shoes, more time for G. Stanciu.

Now, more than ever: NEVER GIVE UP!!!



We are working for You!

Yes, You understand Me, we are at work for our fans all round the world! Maybe too much? :mrgreen:

I’m glad to present You, our General Manager Polansky, the gentleman on the right, he is a cool guy with a big brain.

Pol have thinked this two funny things to improve our legend!


I show to You them:

  • The first thing is the Showcase of the Trophy, that contains all the trophies we won in the our glorious history.
    In only few seasons, 21, we got 5 trophies. Do not you complain, there are those who won less. :roll:
    (Thanks to Ht-WiKi).
  • Now We are proud to present the first ever Team Kit than the club ever had.
    The President took, in a flea market near Rome, a disused stocks of uniforms of the Boca Juniors, a team He loves, and it has slapped on top, our mottos. Delivering the uniforms to the players, the President has recommended, not to crumple too . What a thrifty man! 😕
    (Thanks to Boca Juniors).

Enjoy the show:

Forza TvsY FC!


A start not without difficulty!

First match of the season, played at the Premeteo Stadium. A cloudy day, call more than 18’000 people on the stands.

TvsY – a.c .stargreen, in spite of the result, it was not a one-sided match.

Guests had a nice start, going ahead and there was also immediately after, the injury to the newcomer S. Morini (3 weeks injury).

From that moment, the match got another trend, maybe for the entered of G. Stanciu, man of the providence in the last matchs of previous season.

One-Two (33′ – 34′) of E. Lungarella and L. Domizzi and we get the head of match. End of first 45′.


O. Grebien at the 57′ has chosen to put in C. Brienza, this results a great choise, in fact at the 79′ he fixed the result on 3 – 1.

Another bad news, E. Preiser have an injury (3 weeks injury) on his knee, captain D. Botto comes in for him.

a.c. stargreen shortens the distance, bringing the result on the 3 – 2, fans of TvsY tremble. But in the end (89′) M. Acurcio, called Pinturicchio, fixed result on 4 – 2 with a penalty.

Nice win for TvsY, shame for the 2 injured players, but we are on the right way” this the words of D. E. Petrescu at the end of match.

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