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Rúnar Lúðvíksson reports on the startling improvements at Tundra Park

Tundra Axle FC 1-0 FC Barkerlona

Kikker returns to print – after embarrassingly running out of paper – just in time to witness a massive shock at Tundra Park as Axle overhaul top of the table FC Barkerlona to continue a distinct improvement in their fortunes. After the impressive debut Golden League win Romania a fortnight ago, Tundra impressed at home to in-form Fekete-Sereg and were unlucky to go down 0-2; what followed was a shocker at Renaissance FC in the Golden League, an overconfident Axle losing the plot and going down 0-6 before regaining their composure for the league and a highly impressive 8-0 win at Lockwood Town. Nothing could have prepared the supporters for what was to come next, although a sell-out 12,000 crowd, the biggest for years at Tundra Park, must’ve suspected something was in the air.

Barka came to close down their far less experienced opponents and although they succeeded in the most part by preventing Axle from getting any good sight of goal for almost the whole match, they failed to create anything themselves and Tundra looked distinctly untroubled by their title-chasing visitors. The first real attempt on goal by either side came from Tundra’s Ted Hayes with ten minutes of the game left, breaking through after some neat footwork for a one-on-one with the opposing keeper, before blazing wide. The game looked set for a stalemate, and that in itself a victory of sorts for the home side, until man-of-the-match Steve Chapman put young defender Ajay Grace through on the left, and though he looked a little surprised to find himself so far up the field, he maintained enough composure to slot home a remarkable winner with five minutes to go.

Manager Jonas Solskín looked as surprised as anyone afterward, offering a brief word of praise for his heroic troops:

I’m as surprised as anyone. Look, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, let’s not call them heroes just yet. But this is a terrific result and the boys worked hard for it. I’d like to seem some consistency in the run-in, that’s got to be next. But it’s fish & chips tonight at the Whelm Town Friar, and I’m buying! Well, I’ll put it on expenses, but you know what I mean.

Tundra Axle (4-4-2): Şaşmaz – Lisý, Grace, Aragón, Marín – Poggi sandri, Tennyson, Dourandish, Tomašević – Chapman, Hayes.

Barkerlona (4-4-2): Romero – Chalmers, Deyna, Theisen, Gallagher – Bjegović, Vandeputte, Zambianchi, Kauste – Grevet, Krisztin.


1 – 0 Ajay Grace 85′
1 booking accumulated Ilkka Kauste 14′
1 booking accumulated Florencjusz Deyna 88′

Editor Gets Marching Orders

Kikker Editor-in-Chief Spencer Rice was fired yesterday as the ‘daily’ missed it’s fourteenth consecutive edition, allegedly after running out of paper. Some contributors have pointed out it is an internet-only publication, but nobody from management was available for comment. Kikker owners Snooze International, embroiled in a legal battle over telegraph tapping in the fictional county of Clunwardinshire-just-under-Salop, are believed have put Kikker and it’s so-far unseen sister publication Outside Left up for sale.

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