Local Loudmouths Challenge Armada!

Tomorrow we take on a low-level team in a Golden League tune-up match.  While normally this would not be worthy of note, apparently the manager of NYC Peregrines unwisely decided to run his mouth off before the match.  Curious, I asked our manager Christopher Siebertz what he thought about the upcoming fixture.

Q:  So apparently the Chickenhawks have claimed that they are going to be the top team in New York.  Any response?

CS:  Well, that’s simply ridiculous.  We’ve made it all the way to Division Four.  They’re only in Division Six because HTI hasn’t created a seventh division yet!  I suppose their slapstick routine is sufficient to entertain small children and hipsters, but anyone who actually likes football will be supporting the Armada.

Q:  What do you expect to see from them in the upcoming match.

CS:  Well, like their namesake, the Peregrines are best known for their diving, so I guess we’ll see 90 minutes of comic opera mugging in an attempt to get a call.  Still, any halfway competent ref will see through their shtick in short order, so I’m competent it won’t work.

Q:  Is this the start of the next hot Golden League rivalry?

CS:  Sure, in the same way that nails are rivals for a hammer.  We look forward to pounding them for many years to come.